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Description and Rationale:

As we have discussed, Rosalind Galt proposes that “the production of the pretty as a space of rhetorical exclusion depends heavily on its connection to the wrong kinds of bodies” (Galt 2011, 20). Being connected to “the wrong kinds of bodies,” the pretty image necessarily becomes a troublesome image that is always connected to the critique of gender, sexuality, race—and, I would add, class.

In this essay, you will explain Galt’s argument, using the two films K’bela and Madame Satã as examples / evidence. Through the films, you will address how “pretty” can be part of the decolonial “methods of resistance to the colonization that dehumanized most of the people in the world,” as Lugones has described (Lugones 2017, 43). You will use the films in the way you find more pertinent to express your understanding and position about Galt’s theory.

This is a short essay, in which your focus will be (1) clarity, (2) convincing use of evidence, and (3) conciseness. The challenge is to produce a text that conveys complex ideas in a non-academic language. Think of your reader as an interested non-specialist, non-academic: for example, reader of a magazine or newspaper.

Length: 1000 words

Formatting: Times New Roman. 12 pt. Double Space. MLA for citations and quotes.

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