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log. into Bublup website (LOG. IN ATTACHED) and watch “Week 5 & 6 class lectures”, then write TWO reflections for EACH WEEK ( approx. 300-400 words each ) based on the class recordings and attached readings as below.


1. “Dicks, Dicks, Dicks: Hardness and Flaccidity in (Virtual) Masculinity,” Amanda Phillips (2017)https://www.flowjournal.org/2017/11/dicks-dicks-di…

2. “Radical Softness,” photography series by Lora Mathis on the artist’s websitehttp://www.loramathis.com/kipp-harbor-times

3. “Embracing Radical Softness: An Interview with Poet and Artist Lora Mathis,” HelloFlo, 2016https://helloflo.com/embracing-radical-softness-in…

4. “‘No One’s Softness Has to Look the Same Way’: An Interview with Poet and Artist Lora Mathis,” Medium, 2016https://medium.com/@summerfabian28/no-ones-softnes…-interview-with-poet-and-artist-lora-mathis-7d4f865599c7


Q: What’s discussed in the class recordings about that week’s topic & what seems interesting to you based on the group discussion in class recordings? and how can you relate each week’s readings to today’s media?2 attachmentsSlide 1 of 2

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Lana and Lilly Wachowski Keegan, Cael M. Published by University of Illinois Press Keegan, Cael M. Lana and Lilly Wachowski. University of Illinois Press, 2018. Project MUSE. muse.jhu.edu/book/62900. For additional information about this book https://muse.jhu.edu/book/62900 [ Access provided at 3 Jan 2021 20:06 GMT from University of California @ Irvine ] Sensing Transgender It is the day after the Orlando Pulse massacre, and Lana Wachowski is wearing black. I am as well, but this is purely coincidence. Rushing with the jittery nerves of a young researcher to the Sense8 shoot in Gary, Indiana, that June morning, I had not given much thought to the news or to the color of my T-shirt. When Wachowski arrives to begin the day’s work, I see immediately that she has: her black shirt is emblazoned with a pink triangle accompanied by what I

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