The subject is at third year called The Making of Modern Asia and this assignment is weighted at 25%

-Please read all instructions and grading criteria carefully.

– The word limit is 2000 words excluding references.

-The project must be written in proper Australian English at third-year university standards. Must have proper grammar skills also.

– Must include a minimum of 10 references from relevant and high quality peer-reviewed academic journal articles.

– Please read the criteria and instructions below as to how the assignment will be marked.

– It is a must for the writer to have knowledge about the subject.

– I would like the reflective essay to be done on question 12 – Is Australia an Asian country in history, present and future? Why? Please give your analysis.

Please incorporate the readings given by the lecturer stated below:

Required Readings:

Knight and Heazle. 2011. Chapter 12. Australia in Asia, ‘Asia’ in Australia pp. 220-238. Chapter DOI: (19 pages)

Nick Bisley, Australia and Asia’s Trilateral Dilemmas: Between Beijing and Washington in Asian Survey 54.2, 2014, pp. 297-318. (22 pages)

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