Write 2 page essay on the topic Israel and the Palestinians (SLP) Module 4.This continued immigration raised the alarm and eventually, fighting between the Zionists and indigenous people broke out create intense waves of violence. Within the Mideast Europe, Hitler’s rise to power led to increased immigration of Jews to Palestine thus escalating the situation. After the WWII, the UN decided to intervene on the matter in 1947 resolving that Israel and Palestine relations could only be solved by a third party. However, the resolution led to the allocation of more than 55% of Palestine land under the Israelis. Analytically, the allocation of this land was an instigation of more conflicts as more than 30% of Palestine people were forced to live within 7% area of the Palestine land (MidEastWeb for Coexistence, 2008).There are various issues that face the resolution between Israel and Palestine. For instance, the Palestine lands, such as Gaza Strip and West Bank, that have been confiscated by Israel forces have endured humanitarian crisis such as the torture and abuse of women, men, and children. About 10,000 Palestine men, women, and children are held in Israel prison with most of these awaiting no trials. In addition, there has been heavy border control by Israel military, which has prevented medical and food supplies from entering Palestine. With most Palestine citizens comprising of Muslims, their original homeland has been taken over by Israelis and are unable to return to their self-described land (If Americans Knew, 2014).With reference to the escalating situation, there has been a crisis of negotiating a resolution as various factors are involved. Firstly, as a recommendation, an independent party should oversee the peace talks as nations such as the USA are affiliates to Israel and make part of the UN. Secondly, diplomatic misconduct portrayed by Israel should be met with sanctions such as those applied to Russia for acquiring Crimea from