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1. John F. K’s speech is considered powerful because he simply brought something new to the table and offered up a lot of his time and patience to stand tall and proud for this country which was going through rough patches around that time. some words that resonated with me would have to be devotion, patience and tribulation.

2. Yes the picture , is not only just an image. This man has fought for my rights and my fellow brothers and sisters. His speech brought his powerful words into real life situations, he spoke and spoke until his words has pushed this country to be better by opening up more to everyone.

3. First of all , All of Nina Simone’s songs are powerful but this one in particular somewhat sets off her real singing capability, She has some of the most powerful songs.This song for one made me feel worthy and spiteful at the sam exact time. The location isn’t interesting to me at all, its just in Mississippi. & i don’t know why she sung with such urgency.

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