and develop a bibliography that would allow you to study the area more closely.

Find a primary source connected with your area of interest. You may select any source and any type of source so long as it was created prior to 2000.

Please be sure that the source you analyze is complete. It should not have been edited, nor should there be ellipses (…) indicating that parts of the source have been deleted. It should not be quoted in a secondary source. If it comes from a website, be sure that it is reliable.

Write a three to four page double spaced, 12 pt. font careful analysis of a single primary source. What kinds of inferences can you make from the source? What types of research questions does the source raise? What other specific sources or material might you use to further investigate such questions? Strong analyses will draw on specific examples from the source to draw inferences and develop arguments.

The fourth or fifth page of your paper should be a bibliography including a set of primary sources (this could be an edited volume, an electronic database, or a physical archive. Select 3 relevant primary sources from this collection and list them. One of them should be the source you analyzed in this assignment. In addition, list secondary sources, including a scholarly book and three peer-reviewed articles that would help you understand this topic more. Your secondary sources may not include book reviews or encyclopedia entries (tertiary sources), although I encourage you to use these for general background. Be sure to use Chicago-style in citing your sources.

You must submit the primary source (or a reproduction of it) with your assignment.

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