1 Employment Communication Assignment Job Search, Letter of Application, Resumé, Interview Questions, Follow – Up Letter The red is the summary for the overview—the green link in box (on overview page) is what is below not highlighted Many people will submit their resumés in hopes of being chosen to interview for a particular position; however, those few individuals who are invited to interview are picked primarily on the basis of the content and quality of their letter of application, their resumé, and their professional references. When you realize the competitive nature of a job search in the United States, the quality of your communication with the employer acquires added importance. Your resumé, cover letter, and thank you letter should be personalized, concise and error free documents that you have designed to reflect your particular accomplishments and academic and professional credentials. This assignment consists of five related tasks: Locate an existing, advertised full – time, part – time, or internship that is commensurate with your current skills. Write a persuasive letter of application. Format and write a professional resumé that includes a professional reference page. Answer behavioral and situational employment interviews. Follow – up an interview with a properly drafted thank you letter. Task 1: Job Search and Position Announcement Begin this first task as a new document in MSWord. Your first task is to find a position that is suitable with your current education and experience level. This may be a full – time position, part – time position, or an internship; however, this position must actually exist and be verifiable. Once you find a suitable position, copy and paste this advertisement / job description into a MSWord file and underline or highlight the specific job qualifications. Tip 1: Review your Textbook Tip 2: You may use any search engine you prefer; however, you should also explore FIU’s Career Services Pantherlink. • • FIU’s Career Services FIU’s Career Management Services 2 Sample Advertisement and How to Highlight or Underline Job Qualifications Administrative Assistant Disability Care Links requires and Administrative Assistant to work in its central London office. The organization is a specialist in the field of disability care services. The successful candidate will enjoy working as part of a dedicated team, with the added satisfaction of working for an organization committed to the care and support of disabled people. The job involves a variety of administrative duties. These will include filing, letter writing, sorting post, obtaining information from a computer, photocopying and maintaining records. Training will be provided, if necessary, to equip the job – holder with computer skills to enable them to use the organization’s computer system. Applicants are required to have completed at least 30 college credits at grade C or above. This position is available on a full – time or part – time basis. Please write for an application form to: Personnel Department 123 Main Street Miami, FL 33333 For further information contact Ms. Edna Smith at smith@emailaddress.com 3 Task 2: Employment Letter of Application Begin this task on a separate page in the same MSWord file. You can do this by using the Insert / Break / Page Break function in MSWord. Now that you have found a suitable position, it’s time to apply by writing a one page, properly organized and formatted letter of application. Tip 1: Review Your Textbook and Sample Letters for Ideas Tip 2: Select the Correct Letter Format • • • • Be sure to include your email address, return address, and signature block. Avoid addressing your letter to “Whom It May Concern,” Dear Prospective Employer,” or “Dear Sir/Madame.” I realize your book has an example of a letter addressed to Dear Hiring Manager; however, the American Management Association recommends writers use o the simplified letter format (Simplified Letter Format can be found in Module 9) if you are uncertain of a recipient’s name. If the name of the recipient is provided in the advertisement or if you know the name of the recipient, you may use the modified block format (The Modified Block Format can be found in Module 7). If your job posting does not list an address or a name, it is permissible to incorporate one of the addressees listed above, such as “To Whom it May Concern,” “Dear Sir/Madam”, etc.\ Similarly, if there is no physical address to mail an application, and you are left with no choice but to send an application via email, search for the main address of the company headquarters in a search engine and include it in your cover letter. Tip 3: Use Appropriate Language Avoid repeated use of “I” and abstract language such as “think”, “feel”, “wish”, or “hope” in your letter. I think I would make a great candidate… I hope you like my resumé…. I wish I had more skills, but…. Rather, adopt the you view (write from the reader’s point of view), indicate how your skills and qualifications will benefit the organization and its customers. and use courteous language. Your position advertised on your company’s website is an excellent fit with my qualifications. My background includes a bachelor’s degree in marketing and three years of administrative experience that could be used to benefit your organization. Please contact me at your convenience to schedule an interview. Additional Examples of Appropriate Language 4 Tip 4: Proofread Your Letter Check for format, content, grammar, and punctuation “mis-steaks.” 5 Organization of The Letter of Application for This Assignment • • • • • Heading/Date/Inside Address: If you are writing a traditional (not email) letter, select a standard business-letter format such as block style, modified block, or simplified. Your letter’s design should match your resumé (See example below). Salutation: It’s best to address your letter to a specific person (e.g., “Dear Ms. Jones:”). Avoid stale salutations such as “Dear Sir/Madam:” and “To Whom it May Concern:” Opening (One Paragraph): Hiring managers are busy and do not care to wade through fluff. Your opening paragraph should clearly state the position for which you’re applying. Include a reference code if requested and the referral source (e.g., recommendation from a current employee, Monster, etc.). Your opening may also include a synopsis of why you are a top candidate for the position: Your position advertised on Monster is an excellent fit with my qualifications, as the enclosed resumé will attest. My background includes 10 years of success managing international sales programs, top-ranked regions and Fortune 500 accounts. I offer particular expertise in the high-tech sector, with in-depth knowledge of networking technology… Body (One or Two Paragraphs): Your letter’s body contains your sales pitch. In one or two paragraphs, this is your chance to outline the top reasons why you’re worthy of an interview. Before deciding what to include in the body of this letter, review the job advertisement and the qualifications you highlighted and/or underlined. Weave these qualifications into the body of your letter, perhaps as a bulleted list. Back up achievements with specific examples of how your performance benefited current and former employers. Precede your bulleted list with a statement such as “Highlights of my credentials include:” or “Key strengths I offer include:” When writing the body text, keep in mind that hiring managers are self-centered –they want to know what you can do for them, not learn about your life story. Demonstrate how your credentials, motivation and track record would benefit their operation. Keep your letter positive and upbeat. This is not the place to write a sob story about your employment situation. Put yourself in the hiring manager’s shoes — would you call yourself in for an interview? • • Closing (One Paragraph): Your final paragraph should generate a call for action, so express your strong interest in an interview and request an interview. Do not establish parameters for when and how you can be contacted such as. “Please contact me after 5:00pm but before 9:00pm on June 3.” Would you hire this person? Signature Block: Depending on the format of the letter you have selected (block, modified, or simplified), create the signature block appropriately. 6 Task 3: Professional Resumé And Reference Page Begin each task on a separate page in the same MSWord file you used to complete Task 1 and 2. You can do this by using the Insert / Break / Page Break function in MSWord. Now that you have found a suitable position and written a letter of application, it’s time to properly organize and format your resumé and your professional reference page. Tip 1: Select the Correct Resumé Format Depending on your current skills and qualifications, you will need select the appropriate resumé type: 7 Chronological Resumé (Preferred by Most Employers) The chronological approach is the most common way to organize a resumé, and many employers prefer it. This approach has three key advantages: 1. Employers are familiar with it and can easily find the information; 2. It highlights growth and career progression; and 3. It highlights employment continuity and stability. The work experience section of the resumé dominates and is placed at the most prominent slot., immediately after the name and address and optional objective statement. You develop this section by listing your jobs sequentially in reverse order, beginning with the most recent position and working your way backward toward earlier jobs. Under each listing, describe your responsibilities and accomplishments, giving the most space to the most recent positions. If you’re near graduation from college with limited work experience, you can vary this chronological approach by putting your educational qualifications before your experience, thereby focusing attention on your academic credentials. 8 Functional Resumé Sometimes called a skills resumé, the functional resumé emphasizes your skills and capabilities, and identifies your employers and academic experience in subordinate sections. This pattern stresses individual areas of competence, so it’s useful for people who are just entering the job market, want to redirect their careers, or ha

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