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Philosophy 2: Puzzles and Paradoxes / UCI Winter Quarter 2021. PROFESSOR’S NOTES The Mind-Body Problem and Descartes’ Meditations. On consciousness and the status of the mind-body problem today. Addendum: reflections on Perry’s Dialogue on Consciousness. As observed in the prior Professor’s Notes on the mind-body problem: At the end of Perry’s Dialogue, we were left with the issue of a gap between our knowledge of the brain (in neuroscience) and our knowledge of our own experience (in everyday life, as we experience “what it is like” to think, perceive, etc.). We might take this “gap” as defining a “puzzle” about how mind and brain are related. How do these two types of knowledge fit together in one coherent theory? Perhaps a future scientific theory will fit these together? Might we view the mind-body problem as entailing a strict

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