e.  All word documents have the date and time of the original document filing imbedded in the word file, so the instructor can ascertain the date and time the assignment was completed and saved.

Journal Article Review Requirements and Format

Each review should contain in summary form the following sections: type and underline these section titles in the review.

Section 1: Introduction to the problem and brief literature review (what is the problem/purpose of research effort)

Section 2: Methodologies employed in the study (population and sampling technique should be included as well as all methods/statistical analyses techniques)

Section 3: Data Analysis (what do the data indicate?)

Section 4: Conclusion and Implications? What are your conclusions about the article?

Each review should be 2 pages, but not more than 4 pages, single-spaced, in length.

I expect that each of you will have read, analyzed and summarized the articles you select to review. You should cite the full citation at the top of page 1.

You should use APA citation style only–go to Purdue University Website OWL (online writing lab).

Do not cite the article anywhere else in the review. I already know who you are citing.

10 or 12 point font only and do not include a “title page”. 

Type your name in the upper right hand corner of page 1.

Correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar are required.

Section headings should be bold faced and underlined for example—see below how to do this and how to start writing the review.  Recall, no first or second person language should be used:

Introduction and Literature Review

            This research study focused on the drug usage of high schools in the United States…..


            This research study distributed survey questionnaires to 405 high school students located in three U.S. cities.  The total population of students was 5,609.  Using random selection, 405 students were selected to participate in the study.  The researchers also interviewed school principals and counselors to confirm and validate student responses…..

Data Analysis

            The results of the survey questionnaire indicated that……

Conclusions and Implications

            This study confirmed that over seventy-five percent of American high school students have experimented with illegal drug use.  However…..

Tips and Pointers to Remember:

No first or second person language is to be used in formal writing.  Students can state their views in the third person.  For example, it is not necessary to say “I believe that high school students are using drugs too frequently today”.  The same message can be conveyed by stating it this way:

“high school students are using drugs too frequently today”.

Use correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling in all formal writing assignments.  Use the grammar and spell check functions on the word processor.  Proof read all written work carefully before submission.

Only Micro Soft Word should be used for type-written assignments.  No other word processing program should be used in this class.  If the instructor cannot open your document to read and grade it, then the student will earn a zero for the assignment. 

Students are to access the journal articles that are listed in this folder.  Do not critique any other article(s).  The instructor has selected these articles for a distinct purpose and these articles may be accessed via Ebsco Data Base in the NWOSU library system.  For assistance, please contact the library staff on the Alva or Enid NWOSU Campuses.

Follow instructions on formatting carefully.

Each critique should be clearly headed with the full citation of the article being critiqued.  Each critique should be separated clearly by the heading citation.  Type your name/date/class on the top right hand corner of page one.  Submit the assignment to Blackboard on or before the due date and time. 

Once you have submitted your document to Blackboard, an exclamation point will show up in the BB grade-book indicating that your assignment was received.  The instructor will notify the student if the assignment was not posted to BB within 24 hours of the deadlin

No late assignments accepted—do not ask.

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