In a world where spiritual and cultural boundaries are continually being pushed to create a more tolerant and integrated society, it is of great importance that such tolerance is practiced even among the nursing staff. Nurses attend to people of all races and backgrounds. Therefore, if not trained to be patient, the quality of their care will definitely be compromised. Such a compromise would lead to unhappy patients and an obvious breach of ethical principles. The following paper seeks to emphasize the importance of cultural and spiritual competent care.

As a Caucasian male born and raised in a metropolitan city in the United States of America, I have been exposed to a diverse range of culture from childhood. This has greatly influenced my view on equality in healthcare as I came to appreciate the equality of people of different races and cultural background from a young age. I wholeheartedly support equal delivery of health services. I am also tolerant and patient with all religions as I understand that it is of great importance to any individual to believe in something; be it a supreme being or a connectedness with one’s inner self.

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