There is a study guide, which are the requirements and some tips for this assignment. There are also my notes here, which mainly record what I have learned every week, and the main points of some actions that Quiz can see. Please complete this Journal Note based on these.3 attachmentsSlide 1 of 3

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Journal Notes Please listen to the accompanying audio And read the following page in your course reader: ‘Journal Notes’ *A few highlightsYou can write about any area of your life as long as it relates to something that we have done in this class. You want to write throughout the semester and not all at once. This is a journal and not a paper. There are several course reader pages listed on the journal notes page that can give you ideas if you need them. But with the nature of this semester, you should have quite a bit to write about. Have an introspective, insightful experience! *Course Reader YOGA JOURNAL NOTES : Personal Yoga Experience A practice in introspection Letting your inner self emerge onto the written page As you write your journal notes you should refer to what you have learned or experienced in this class. You can

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