Travel back in time with me to discover people what would sometimes call the age of mammals. The Cenozoic Era is called this because during this period animals were very popular. The largest land animals were mammals on the earth. This is the period where avian dinosaurs went extinct. If you are a plant lover then the Cenozoic Era will give you chills! Popular plants like the Moss plant, Grasse,Flowering plants, and Palms trees were popular then and we still enjoy them today. Not a plant lover? Are you a animal lover? There are many odd animals we will see there and you may even get to feed some. We have Megafaunas, Terrors, Birds, Gastornis, Platybelodons, Glyptodons, Andrewsarchus, Chalicotherium, creodonta, Basilosaurus, Daedons, and more. You’re guaranteed to see these animal in real life! COME JOIN ME!!!!!! – What to bring Sunglasses 10 pairs of shorts 10 tank tops 2 Bathing suites Hygiene products Water Snacks Bug spray Sun screen Flash lights Walking shoes Sandals Cost Sign up from Sep.26-30 for $3,000 but after that date the price is $3,999. LIKE PARADISE THE CENOZOIC ERA! Let’s travel back 65 million years You may not know! The Cenozoic Era had a long cooling period . The region cooled because of the strengthening of the humboldt and Gulf stream currents when South and North America attached. The climate had a drastic change. Wear your shorts! The cenozoic Era is much warmer then 2019. LIKE PARADISE THE CENOZOIC ERA! Let’s travel back 65 million years This is the Era that continents moved to there current location. For example South America and North America became attached. . We will have a special gift on the last day! Special guest, Giovanni Arduino. The Italian geologist who studied rocks and minerals and classifies mountains according to the type of rocks found in them. All volcanic rocks he called primitive. Fossil-rich rocks of clay and limestones that were found over the primitive rocks were called secondary. He’ll share exciting news and answer all your question about rocks and minerals. Giovanni Arduino Cites – – – www.cenozoic-era/.com Jurassic Explore dinosaurs and new creatures. Volcanoes and Mountains FAQ/Contact Why are your prices to low? We try to provide our customers with the best price and therefore you only pay for what you get What is the Jurassic Period? It is in the Mesozoic Period and was the Age of Dinosaurs Contact Info: Phone Number: 000-000-0000 Email: Questions? Visit our Website Welcome Welcome to the Jurassic Period dating from 199.6 Millions of years ago to 145 million years ago. During the start of this period, the Pangea began splitting apart fast, creating new continents.Sea floor spreading occurred, which was caused by subduction zones. These subduction zones created the Andes Range and the Rocky Mountains Range. During this period lots of carbon was released due to volcanic activity and created warmer temperatures. New oceans appeared as the climate got warmer which is why lots of Cycads grew there. Cycads are palm-like plants. The earliest known bird, the Archaeopteryx flew in the skies. The plant-eating Brachiosaurus, Diplodocus and the meat-eating Allosaurus roamed the land. Most of these dinosaurs were Sauropods, which are big dinosaurs with long necks. The oceans were roamed by crocodiles, sharks and plesiosaurs. Since the climate got warmer, so did the ocean and coral reefs started growing. During this period insects were abundantly the species. They contained of dragonflies, flies, bees, beetles, wasps and ants. Travel Info What to Bring: ➢ Sunscreen ➢ Mosquito/Bug Spray ➢ Clothes ➢ Anti-Rex ➢ Water Bottle Prices: Standard Trip: $499.99 per week Includes: ➢ ➢ ➢ A Standard Suite with Balcony Free Food Back in Time Trip Visit the enormous dinosaurs and explore ancient plants. What should you expect? ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ A guide to explore Food from your favorite restaurants Exhibit Exploration Giant Dinosaurs Lots of mosquitoes ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ Visit the Andes Mountains Visit the Rocky Mountains Explore the Elegant Coral Reefs Visit the Jura Mountains Disclaimer: *DANGEROUS TRIP* Deluxe Trip: $699.99 per week ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ Points of Interest Discover And Visit Rocky Mountains Deluxe Suite Free Food Free guide Back in time Trip Protection From Dinosaurs Premium Trip: $999.99 per week ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ Premium Suite Free Food Free Guide Protection from Dinosaurs Life Insurance Free Hiking Archaeopteryx Cycad Plant References Britannica: National Geographic Textbook from Canvas

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