Create a 8 page essay paper that discusses School Secretary.Keeping of school records is of benefit to the educational department and the individual skills as it helps keep a record of crucial student information. This paper discusses some of the procedures involved in the above aspects and their importance in the New York department of education.A school secretary is an important figure in the school administration and provides support to both parents and students and the entire school community. To be a secretary you need to have a well organized and set up office and working in a school environment as a secretary is and added advantage (Hart). Several skills are required to be an excellent school secretary, some of these include proper communication skills both verbal and non verbal, you need to have experience in this job to be able to have good relations with people as part of the job description is to be social and friendly, to have great skills such as computer skills, and organizational skills.Duties and responsibilities of schools secretaries include receiving phone calls and transmitting messages from one person to another. The school secretary is involved in sending mails and receiving mails on behalf of the school community. These makes use of good written communication skills, the secretary should also be good with typing skills and should be punctual at all times. The secretary should have good communication schools also because he or she mingles with students, teachers, visitors and the entire school community. The school secretary is also involved with handling finances such as paying invoices and receiving payments so the secretary needs to be honest in all the duties to have a clean relationship with the school community. The school secretary is the source of information and the link between students and parents within the school. The visitors, parents and other officials make dates with the school management through the secretary. In most situations a school secretary isTTTTTT