I have an assignment for marketing which I have already written about half of. I need someone to revise and complete the rest of the assignment revolved around my mock product which is a dog and cat toy called the Pet Pitcher. I have attached what I have written so far along with the guidelines for the assignment below:

Strategies and Tactics: In this section, you will develop three to five key strategies across different marketing channels and discuss the tactics that will support those strategies.

List key strategies in bulleted format.

A. Develop key strategies across different marketing channels that will inform your integrated marketing plan based on campaign goals, and explain the strategy you will employ on each platform.

B. Recommend specific integrated marketing tactics that support strategies identified in your SWOT analysis and target market analysis, and explain your choices.

C. Describe how your recommended tactics will be applied for maximizing marketing opportunities.
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Page 1 Cory Bjork MKT 229 Milestone Three November 28, 2021 Page 2 Background & Analysis SNHU Pet Supply is an extremely well known pet-supply company that focuses on pet supplies, foods, toys etc. Based in Manchester New Hampshire, they currently have store locations, as well as their extremely successful online store. For our new product, I will be naming it The Pet Pitcher. I believe it is a perfect catchy name, which describes the use of the product well. SNHU Pet Supply is able to position itself in certain ways that allow for immense growth. Being in the pet industry, it is extremely competitive with not a huge room to grow. However, we are able to stick out from all the other brands and position ourselves in a way in which our products align with all the new pop culture trends. This is the main aspect that makes us

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