ello!  I am completing a lab:  Kinetic Study of the Reaction Between Iron (III) ions and iodide ions.  The reaction we are studying is Fe 3+ + I-   —>  Fe 2+  +  I3  -So studying the oxidation of I-  by  Fe 3+ ions.  I attached pics of the 2 mixtures that were used and the initial temp/reaction time for each of the trials (1-10).  Now I am using this info to fill out my results data tables.  Very unsure of what info goes where.  I have started to fill in what I believe is correct.  First, wanted to make sure that the log {I- }i  is correct at the top right of the results data for trials 1-4 (lab data pg1)?  Then, wanted to make sure the {Fe3+}i is correct (lab data pg1)?  I filled in .004M for trials 1-4.  Then, guidance on how to handle the rest (lab data pg 1 and 2) would be greatly appreciated!   Attachment 1Attachment 2Attachment 3Attachment 4Attachment 5

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