Annotated Bibliography and Reflection

During the last seven weeks of class, you have been asked to read several journal articles. You have been asked to reflect on your cultural identity as you consider the many levels that constitute your identity. You also considered attribution, dialectics, and how all of this is applied to intercultural communication.

For our final assignment, you will choose four articles from the articles you have been asked to read in class and/or from the article list provided for the Week 6 assignment to create an Annotated Bibliography. You will complete three items for each of your four sources:

1. Reference: Complete an APA reference for each article

2. Annotation: Complete an annotation for each article.

  • The annotation is not a summary or paraphrase. In this paragraph, you will interpret and evaluate the contents of the article itself. It is a narrative paragraph of about 100 words providing information and assessment about the article.

3. Reflection: Write a reflection for each article. The reflection should connect your intercultural communication experience(s) with information from the article as it applies to you personally (This section only can be written in first person).

  • In this paragraph of about 100 words, relate the information that you have evaluated in the article to your own cultural identity and intercultural communication. This is a reflective piece where you are able to connect the information in theory to an understanding of your own identity.esent a balanced (i.e., unbiased) presentation of the topic. DELIVERY ● 4-5 minute informative speech ● Speaking notes should be in minimal outline format (to be discussed in class). ● Do NOT read your speech. ● You will be graded on several areas including, but not limited to, eye contact, vocal delivery, and time management. CONTENT ● You will include the five-part introduction, 2 body points, and 3-point conclusion as demonstrated on the attached outline. ● Your two main points will be: 1) Define the issue occurs ● For full credit, you must include a minimum of 3 CREDIBLE sources. (If you don’t know if a source is credible, ask!) ● ****Only 1 of the sources can be internet sources (ie websites, blogs ect)**** ● The sources must be orally stated during your speech, noted on the outline, and referenced on the reference page. ● Do not use direct quotes in body of speech. (Direct quotes are ok for intro and conclusion). Instead use paraphrase and citation. ● Refer to the rubric in D2L for specific areas upon which you will be graded. ● Outline (in correct format, to be discussed in lecture) must be submitted to Assignment Dropbox. ● Attach an APA style reference sheet to outline 2) Tell why the issue Speech Outline Template (**ONE COMPLETE SENTENCE PER POINT**) Name: I. Introduction A. Attention Getter B. Reveal Topic C. Credibility St

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