Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses Knowledge management questions.People establish knowledge through observation, patterns of recurrence and finally generalizing and abstraction. He also explained the phenomena in nature which cannot be perceived by the senses as those which can be explained by the intuition (AMDS 8800 Study Notes. Barnes 72-74).Aristotle’s objective to establish and to define the different knowledge is related to epistemology, a branch of philosophy that if focused on the establishment of knowledge. This is important for knowledge managers to be able to know and be conscious of the importance of the knowledge they manage. Specifically, Aristotle’s view helped the knowledge managers appreciate and then segregate the different forms and classification of knowledge. His focus on the rules of the inductive and deductive thinking established the rules and guidelines for critical analysis of the different knowledge systems. Aristotle’s contribution in the foundations of scientific method specifically the importance of empirical basis in the establishment of knowledge is essential on the development of the body of knowledge presently used (AMDS 8800 Study Notes. Barnes 72-74).The message of Aristotle’s view then is for knowledge managers to be conscious of the different types of knowledge, skills and capabilities generated by different people and to appreciate and analyze them through critical study of important empirical evidences.Knowledge Management (KM) is a business model that is focused on the interdisciplinary management of knowledge in an organizational framework and objectives on the basis of disciplines such as business, economics, psychology, and information management. It is focused on the different issues related to people, technology, and processes. The process of KM involves accessing “knowledge from outside sources, then embedding and storing knowledge in the business processes, products and services.” These are then translated to the databases and documents,