How to write your paper

1)Questions provided are “theses” that must be proven, disproven or discussed. 

2)It  is  this  process  of  proving,  disproving  or  discussing  one  thesis  that  constitutes  the paper.  Therefore,  one  must  show  that  one  understands  what  the  object  of  the  given thesis that must be proven, disproven or discussed is.

3)You  are  asked  to  build  a  coherent  argument,  clearly  thought,  in  order  to  prove  your point.

4)Write effective sentences, that is, sentences in which subject and verb agree in number and person, complete sentences, consistent in tense, voice, number and person.

5)Choose the right words, prefer the active voice, avoid redundancy, spell correctly, and avoid fallacious reasoning.

6)You have to CHOOSE ONLY ONE thesis for your paper.

7)Good  scholarly  research  is  encouraged  and  required.  By  research  I  mean  the  use  of scholarly publication, not the use of websites the content of which is dubious and of which the credentials of the authors are not known.

8)The  content  of  your  paper  will  count  for  70%  and  the  form  (that  is  correct  spelling, grammar, syntax, etc.) for 30%


Addressing the reality of racism and its theoretical justification, Kwame Anthony Appiah characterizes racist dispositions as cases of cognitive incapacity and ideological beliefs that lead to partiality when “our interests” are at stake. “It is a plain fact, to which theories of ideology must address themselves, that our species is prone both morally and intellectually to  such  distortions  of  judgment,  in  particular  to  distortions  of  judgment that  reflect partiality.  An  inability  to  change  your  mind  in  the  face  of  appropriate  evidence  is cognitive incapacity; but it is one that all of us surely suffer from in some areas of beliefs; especially in areas where our own interests or self-images are (or seem to be) at stake.” (p. 732)
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