Environmental sensitiveness generally occurs when people develop sensitiveness to substances or phenomena in their everyday interaction with the environment. This is especially when the aforementioned people depict sensitiveness which is way below the average of that exhibited by other people. The condition can be triggered by various things. This includes: fuels, radiations from electromagnetic equipments, paints, petrochemicals, and smoke from cigarettes, pets, plants, fuels, molds, scented products and food.

 The effects of environmental sensitiveness caused by the environment are long-ranging. The academic performance of a previously well-performing student may significantly drop (Pluess M., 2015). A teacher in this case may be worried about the reason why results can drop overnight. The student in the long run will find themselves unable to tolerate the classroom environment. The same can be said of a productive employee who will find herself unable to continue working in the same environment set up. This may result in employers being unable to adjust the working environment in order to suit the affected group. This is especially if the employer has no past experience of employees who have previously suffered from environment sensitivity. At the end of the day, previously productive people may find themselves losing their positions at the workplace due to factors beyond their control (Kozhevnikov, 2014). Some of the affected individuals may lack shelter due to them becoming jobless. Savings intended for old age also become depleted as well as a rapid increase in bank debts for self-sustenance.

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