Select a health behavior and discuss how social, economic, and political factors interact and influence this behavior. Describe in detail the health behavior and possible health outcomes without an intervention. Identify the populations impacted the most by this health behavior. Select and discuss one intervention used to reduce or prevent the health behavior selected.

This essay should be no less than 500 words and no more than 1000. Citations must include no less than 3 peer reviewed journals. Citations do not count in the final word count. 

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List of Rubrics for MPH610 (applicable to all graded assessments and where specifically mentioned) INQUIRY AND ANALYSIS VALUE RUBRIC(IA610) Definition Inquiry is a systematic process of exploring issues/ objects/ works through the collection and analysis of evidence that result in informed conclusions/ judgments. Analysis is the process of breaking complex topics or issues into parts to gain a better understanding of them. Evaluators are encouraged to assign a zero to any work sample or collection of work that does not meet benchmark (cell one) level performance. Capstone 4 Milestones 3 Benchmark 1 Topic selection Identifies a creative, focused, and manageable topic that addresses potentially significant yet previously less‐ explored aspects of the topic. Identifies a focused and manageable/ doable topic that appropriately addresses relevant

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