I need someone that knows a lot about history and has the knowledge to write specific examples. I need a very simple tone essay since English is my second language.   
Who were the most important contributors to the Industrial Revolution(Edward jenner,James watt, and  Alfred Nobel) what were their contributions, and why were they so “revolutionary?” Include at least three major examples with accompanying pertinent and specific historical evidence ?
· Formatting
o  one page long (approximately 250-300 words).
o Do not exceed one page per essay.
o Double-space
o 12pt font
o 1” margins
· Content
o Include a thesis statement
o Thoroughly address the prompt, citing historical evidence to support your points.
o Organize your information logically.
o Include a conclusion.
o If using direct quotes, include citations.
o Information can come from supplementary books, Blackboard readings, and/or other reputable sources (print sources and online journals preferred).
· Style and Mechanics
o Write as clearly and concisely as possible.
o  grammar and mechanics do count.

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