I have an 2 paper essay single spaced due on march 14. The Essay is about a film of your choice from the list in the rubric. I The focus of the paper will be explaining ethical questions that arose from the film. I will attach further instructions below. Also, I have done a presentation about the movie the social network and I will be attaching it below if you choose to write about this film.

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FILM PRESENTATION RUBRICS 1) Pretext/Context regarding the film? 2) What questions (ethical) is the director asking? 3) How do the scenes/characters link to each other and to the director’s questions? 4) What are the specific business ethics at stake? For Instance: 5) a) Working conditions d) Accounting Fraud b) Affirmative Action e) Social Media Policies c) Whistle blowing f) Surveillance Violations How do the characters respond to these ethical issues? For Instance: a) Where do the responsibilities lie? b) Are the issues ignored altogether? 6) What ethical questions are prompted by this film? FILM ESSAY RUBRICS Section 1) Extracting the question(s): a) As far as you are concerned, what ethical question(s) arose from the film of your/the group’s choice?—parse out the intricacies of the question(s) as you see it/them b) As far as you are concerned,

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