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Reflecting on the concepts in the course, select and research one (1) of the company situations listed below and prepare a PowerPoint presentation of the legal and ethical issues surrounding it. At least one source citation for each company is provided to get you started and you may use this citation as one of your required seven (7) sources. It is expected you will use the course Lessons and required readings plus your own independent research of credible sources in support of this presentation.

Your presentation should include the following, organized in professionally designed slides with accompanying Speaker’s Notes or Audio and/or video narrative. Further instructions for the PPT are also below:

1. Introduce the company (e.g. name, type of business, its corporate structure);

2. Define and explain the ethical dilemma with pertinent facts;  this includes why it is an ethical issue; clearly define the dilemma; be clear as to the company’s ethical choices – the one the company chose to do and at least one other, different, choice;

3. Identify, define and explain an ethical framework that supports the choice/action the company made.

4. Identify, define and explain another ethical framework that the company leadership could have utilized in this situation and explain how utilization of this ethical framework would have led to a different result. Explain specifically how the company effectively could have employed this framework.

5. Recommend: Lessons learned. What lessons can business management leaders learn from this case study for management of business operations? Recommend and explain at least one business practice.

Ford Motor Company – Pinto car defect – Beginning informational source: 

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1 BUSN311 WEEK 5 WRITING ASSIGNMENT RESEARCH PAPER OUTLINE (Graded) Complete and submit to Week 5 Assignment dropbox. This Assignment will assist you in preparing your Week 7 Assignment Research Paper. Student Name __________________________ Date ________________________________ STOP! FIRST READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS Instructions: • • • • • Go to the Week 7 Assignment for the Course Project and read the Instructions thoroughly. Then complete each item below by answering each question in the space provided. Save this as a WORD Document using your Name and Assignment. Example: JonesWk5ResearchOutline.docx. Answer on this document. It is in “Word” and spacing will adjust for your answers. Submit your completed paper to the Week 5 Assignment dropbox by Sunday night of Week 5 (11:59 pm ET). The maximum point value for each item is stated in parentheses.

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