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BLAW 101 Mock Trial 2 Criminal Law and Procedure Instructions (for ALL GROUPS) To Submit on Canvas Opening Statement: Names of group members, the party you represent [Plaintiff/State of California or Defendant], and what you want the court to do. (2 points) Arguments/Counterarguments: Answer each of the questions in your mock trial fact pattern by connecting the law to the facts. The State (Plaintiff) should use each the elements; The Defense should focus on weakening one or more elements (4 points argument, 2 points counterargument). Conclusion: Conclude in one sentence that the search/confession/waiver is inadmissible (Defendant) or is admissible (Plaintiff) (1 point). For theft crimes/conspiracy, conclude guilty or not guilty. Spelling and Grammar: 1 point BLAW 101-110 – Mock Trial 2 – Criminal Law – 1.3.21 – © D.

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