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Personal Development for Leadership and Strategic Management Kindly note that: – All points are to be discussed in 3000 to 4000 words. – Plagiarism (copy and paste from the internet or other resources) should not exceed 20%. – All assignments are to be in Word form, and Font Size is 12. No PDFs will be accepted. Assignment You have been a senior manager for a number of years and have decided that your next career move should be to or take responsibility for an aspect of strategic management in an organisation. Some interesting posts have been advertised recently and you have registered with a recruitment agency Harris Hall, which specialises in senior positions. Task 1. Harris Hall has sent you a guidance pack titled ‘Preparation for Application and Interviews’, which includes some tasks for you to complete. This will provide the foundations for the applications you will make. You are required to produce a file of information. In section 1 you must: •

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