Leadership System Design


            Leadership system is the method through which leadership is implemented. It is the benchmark that defines the decision making processes and the communication network to be employed in an organization. The discussion about effective leadership begun before the industrial era. During that time, the ability of an organization to achieve a common goal largely depended on effective and efficient leadership. Leadership is the skill of being able to guide others. Intellectuals hold two doctrines of leadership. One is that leaders are inherently gifted and, therefore, possess exceptional abilities that enable them to earn people’s trust and respect. The other doctrine holds that the greatness of leaders is highly determined by hard work and effort they exhibited before they were proclaimed as “great leaders.”

 Whether the skills are inborn or hard-earned, for any leader to be successful in his or her leadership mission, he or she must possess certain core values such as respect, integrity, loyalty, great communication skills, integrity, innovation, service, humility, to mention a few. Over the years, scholars have used numerous theories and styles to try to describe the different types of leadership. The Great Man theory, Trait theory, and Process Leadership theory are among the many theories that have been used to give the different classifications of leadership types and styles. In this paper, I will describe and analyze my leadership system and the design I intend to use to improve my leadership. The analysis will include the use of charts and diagrams to emphasize the benefits and structure of my leadership design.

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