Learning Disability Paper


Module 02 Assignment – Learning Disability

Module 02 Assignment – Learning Disability

Assignment Content

  1. In a 3-page paper, written in APA format using proper spelling/grammar, research the topic of learning disabilities of American children and address the following:
    1. When is a child’s communication considered delayed? Please include stages of development regarding communication with examples.
    2. What are speech disorders and how are they characterized?
    3. What are language disorders? How does they affect language development and education?
    4. How does a speech language pathologist help children with communication disorders? Explain with specific techniques and examples.
    Be sure to include APA citations for any resources you used as references.Rasmussen’s Library and Learning Services team has developed a variety of Guides to help support students’ academic endeavors. For this assignment, the Writing Guide and APA Guide may both be helpful. Also consider submitting each assignment to the online Writing Lab for feedback on your draft prior to submitting it for gradin

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