Action Items

1. Review the case, Extending Daubert Beyond Scientific Expert Testimony from Week 2 Access the “Extending Daubert Beyond Scientific Expert Testimony” document. The information in this document can be used to help conduct the research necessary to effectively complete this assignment. (NOTE: Do not limit yourself to only these resources. Additional information is easily available through Franklin University’s library).
2. Develop a double-spaced, 12 point font, 5 to 7 page paper on the Daubert standard governing expert testimony. Structure your paper as follows:
      a. Summarize the Daubert Standard as developed from the case Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals.
      b. Summarize the current state of the Daubert Standard (i.e., briefly describe any factors/cases/events that have either strengthened or weakened the Daubert Standard since its inception after Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals).
      c. Perform an I.R.A.C. analysis on two cases that utilize the Daubert Standard to determine the admissibility of an expert witness’s testimony. Organize each of your analyses into the following structure:
Issue: Based on the facts of the case, identify and state the expert testimony issues and/or problems applicable to the case.
Rule: Research and briefly state the expert testimony guidelines/rules that apply to the issues and/or problems presented in the case.
Analysis: Apply the case facts to the expert testimony guidelines/rules and provide an in-depth analysis of how to resolve the issues/problems. Additionally, indicate the pros and cons of various actions that could be taken by the parties involved.
Conclusion: State your conclusion (i.e., decision) based upon the results of your analysis. Be sure to fully explain why you chose this conclusion.
    d. Throughout your paper, be sure to use proper APA citation and references. Except for direct quotes, remember to put the paper in your own words and properly cite the source(s) where the information was obtained.
Submit your completed paper to Revise your paper if necessary and submit the final feedback report along with your paper.

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