Hi, need to submit a 12000 words paper on the topic The Role of Legislation in Managing Diversity on the Workplace. Sex Discrimin?tion ?ct 1975 ?nd 1976The 1975 ?nd 1976 Sex Discrimin?tion ?ct (SD?) is typic?lly thought of ?s ?n ?ct to prevent discrimin?tion ?g?inst women, but, inf?ct, it ?pplies equ?lly to both sexes. The SD? st?tes th?t it is ‘unl?wful to tre?t ?nyone, on the grounds of sex, less f?vour?bly th?n ? person of the opposite sex is or would be tre?ted in the s?me circumst?nces’. In the l?w c?se Jeremi?h V Ministry of Defence there w?s found to be unl?wful discrimin?tion bec?use only the men h?d to do unple?s?nt jobs.The ?ct covers discrimin?tion in different ?re?s of life. In employment, it is ?g?inst the l?w to discrimin?te on the grounds of sex ?nd m?rit?l st?tus. This includes recruitment ?nd selection, ?dvertisement of jobs, ?nd ?ccess to promotion ?nd tr?ining f?cilities. The ?ct ?pplies to both potenti?l ?nd present employees.The ?ct identifies both direct ?nd indirect discrimin?tion:Direct discrimin?tion – this involves tre?ting ? wom?n less f?vour?bly th?n ? m?n bec?use she is ? wom?n, for ex?mple for not considering women for ? m?n?gement tr?ining course.The test is:• was the treatment less favourable than the treatment which was (or would be) accorded to a person of the opposite sex? and• was the treatment less favourable because of the gender of the person involved?Indirect discrimin?tion – this occurs when ? condition is ?pplied equ?lly to men ?nd women but where women h?ve gre?ter difficulty in fulfilling th?t condition ?nd the condition c?nnot be justified.

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