CAT Assignment #2 format – Leisure Time Clock-1.doc Download Leisure Time Clock-1.doc

Referencing Learning Module #4 – Complete the leisure time clock by filling in the appropriate times of day that you spend: sleeping, going to school or doing homework, working, eating, doing self-care, doing miscellaneous things, and participating in leisure. This is done by creating “pie slices” as what is currently seen, however your lines will be more specific to the actual times in which you participate in each task. Complete the first time clock based on a typical weekday.  Then complete a second time clock based on a typical weekend.  How you complete and submit the clock is up to you.  You can use the drawing features to create or manipulate the existing lines and then label the identified areas. If you want to neatly hand draw your lines, shade in the areas and label.  This also would be acceptable. Remember to complete and submit 2 time clocks.

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