In each module, the textbook readings provide an opportunity to make connections between theoretical concepts of ethics and real-world events in the news. When individuals encounter current moral dilemmas, inevitably each will approach the issues with their own perceptions and biases. Understanding how individual views fit in with various world views provides an opportunity for each of us to understand ourselves better. In these activities, you will use critical thinking skills to expand your knowledge regarding current moral and ethical issues in the world.

Each activity is a current news research activity focusing on understanding values, morals, and ethics. We will use the discussion forum as our platform; however, Current Events activities do not follow the discussion activity guidelines. Where applicable, properly document your citations and references (according to the current APA standard), and ensure your submission is plagiarism-free. Review the evaluation rubric for information about grading details.

Using one of the news websites from the provided list, search for a current news story that demonstrates a moral or ethical dilemma. Your current news selection must be within the last 90 days. Examine the news story. Be sure to reflect and consider all aspects and viewpoints the author provides.

In your initial post, state the title of the news story and include the link so that others can access the story. Briefly summarize the story and explain the moral or ethical issue/dilemma and how it relates to an ethical theory, principle, and concept or code in the course text. Your response must be at least 200 words and show a clear connection between the news story/event and the course material/ethical theory.

Choose two of your peers’ initial posts and read the summary they provide. Respond with a thoughtful comment relating the article to a point or concept from the course reading material: theory, philosophy, or ethical principle.1 attachmentsSlide 1 of 1

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Running Head: ETHICS/MORAL EVENT 1 United Airlines Pilots Refuse Vaccine: I know it may sound like a broken record with bringing up COVID-19, however, this one struck the most interest for me. Currently, there are 67,000 employees at United Airlines and out of that amount currently, 2000 are seeking exemptions for religious or medical grounds, ( josephs, L. para 1). A lot of these pilots and employees are being let go on these grounds for not getting vaccinated. This is a huge ethical dilemma on the religious side, following religious pluralism United Airlines is firing people with complete disregard for their religion. Now I can understand how United Airlines might see this as civil disobedience, however, how can they subject their employees to such an ultimatum forcing the already low amount of pilots out. As for the company, how are they not suffering from lawsuits on the matter for their blatant disregard for one’s religious beliefs? I feel this is textbook religious discrimination, how can this even be legal? As for those seeking exemption for medical grounds, how are they expected to abide by this seemingly one-sided option to get the vaccine? I currently hold no bias towards those who do not get the vaccine and get the vaccine. One should have their own free will to put substances in their bodies. By the Airline forcing this mandate on its employees are they not trying to dictate their employee’s bodies. If the CDC finds the vaccine that has been clinically safe from thousands of studies then should those who elected to receive the vaccine not be safe. I see so many contradictories in this mandate by the company with many questionably “legal” terms. I like probably all of those 67,000 employees am not a doctor, so just because I may not know what I am talking about in regards to medical terms or vaccinations I should have to take it? From module one we learned about death and dying. We also learned about how ordinary measures can promise reasonable hope of benefit. As well as, Extraordinary Measures are burdensome, with no reasonable hope of benefit. This being said how can the pilots of United Airlines without a doctorate in medicine, disseminate the vaccine and its benefits or non-benefits? One has the right to choose and I understand both sides make their case but at the end of the day united Airlines is not only denying basic human rights, but they are also advertising as a company with poor disregard for religion and beliefs. Works Cited: josephs, L. (2021, September 29). Nearly 600 United Airlines employees face termination for failing to comply with Vaccine Mandate. CNBC. Retrieved October 22, ETHICS/MORAL EVENT 2021, from 2 ETHICS/MORAL EVENT 3 America‚Äôs Withdrawal from Afghanistan By August 31st of this year, the US had finalized its withdrawal from Afghanistan, bringing an end to the longest war ever in America and completing a period in history that will be considered a colossal failure, full of unfulfilled promises and chaotic evacuation that claimed many lives. Air Force transport jets flew a final contingent of troops from Kabul airport just hours before President Joe Biden’s announced the end of the US war. Thousands of troops had spent a horrific two weeks defending an airlift carrying tens of thousands of Afghans, Americans, and others from the country, once again governed by Taliban terrorists. According to Afghan analysts, the United States’ withdrawal was a sudden, full-circle event that resulted in the Taliban declaring triumph against the world’s biggest superpower. The decision to withdraw early leaving the Taliban in power, known terrorists, is a moral issue. With the United States’ withdrawal from Afghanistan now complete, the Taliban’s return to power in Afghanistan was accompanied by chaotic scenes in Kabul. Many philosophers have talked about the notion that someone could make the best decision possible and still be accused of committing a moral mistake. In this case, the advantages of withdrawal may have been sufficient to justify the action. However, the human rights crimes that are now quite likely to occur due to this withdrawal are legitimately wrong, and they should be blamed on the US. As the Taliban seeks to reassert their concept of religious law, Afghan women and girls are likely to be abused, and Afghans are likely to be subjected to tremendous violence. It should worry the politicians who justified the withdrawal and the citizens who gave those politicians power. Reference

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