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= = = 1) a) Identify the element (and the group) in period 2 that will have the following successive ionization energies profile (kJ/mol) provided here: Li, Be, B, C, N, O, F, and Ne. Explain why? (3 pts) IE1 = 1314 IE2 = 3389 IE3 = 5298 IE4 = 10992 IE5 = 13329 IE6 = 71345 IE7 = 84087 b) Given the elements Al and Na, which element will have a higher first ionization energy (IE1) and higher third ionization energy (IE3) Explain why? (3 pts) 2) a) Which of the following substances has the least ionic character? (3 pts) A) BeCl2 B) CaCl2 C) BaCl2 DKCI E) CaF2 b) For the listed compounds in part a, which substance (A, B, C, or D) has the highest physical properties (melting and boiling points and density)? (3 pts) 4) a) Arrange the following in the increasing order of bond strength and provide an explanation: C-I, C- F, C-CI, C-

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