Answer these questions based on the videos below Maya Lin – Vietnam Veterans Memorial note sheet

links to watch video:

Maya Lin VVM, part 1 (11 mins) (Links to an external site.)

Maya Lin VVM, part 2 (9 mins) (Links to an external site.)

Maya Lin VVM, part 3 (13 mins)


Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision 1995 Vietnam Veterans Memorial (30mins) Name: _________________________________ DUE TR 11/5, 3:45pm worth 3pts Video link on Cougar Courses 1. What were some of Maya Lin’s ideas for this memorial? 2. What was a main requirement for the memorial? 3. Upon visiting the site, what decisions did Maya Lin utilize in her design? 4. What types of professionals made up the selection committee and do you feel these people were the right group? 5. How many entries were submitted to the design competition? 6. What obstacles did Maya Lin encounter? 7. Do you think the design was successful as a memorial for the Vietnam War Veterans? Why or why not? 8. Do you think politics should have played a role in the decision-making of this memorial? Why or why not? 9. Was the statuary and flag necessary to complete the statement of the memorial? Why or why not?

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