just see the ppt first and understand what is the Syntax: Structureof sentences means and finish the problem set.5 attachmentsSlide 1 of 5

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Linguis 3: Introduction to Linguistics Winter 2019 Problem Set 4: Syntax Due 2/15/2019. 91 points possible 1. For each pair of expressions below, say whether they belong to the same syntactic category or not and give an example supporting your answer. You do not have to say which syntactic category any of the expressions below belong to—just say whether they are the same or different and give evidence. (3 points each) a. seemed happy always seemed happy b. loud bar bar down the street c. extremely loud bar the bar d. slept all day liked e. quickly quite f. walked rode the bus 2. For each underlined expression below, say which syntactic category it belongs to and give one piece of evidence supporting your answer. (3 points each) a. Sally sent me a ​long annoying email. b. Sally sent me ​a long annoying email​. c.

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