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I will provide the novel. You don’t have to read all pages just need to get enough material and cite to answer the questions.

Geek Love Discussion Board Prompt (3):

Choose one of the following options for your final Geek Love Discussion Board Post. Be sure to indicate which option you’re choosing in your response. This assignment is due Wednesday, April 28th by 11:59pm.

Option 1:

Irony: Irony as a literary device involves some contrast between what seems to be the case on a surface level and what is really happening. In cases of situational irony, there is often a plot twist that plays with the expectations of the audience and/or characters. In other words, situational irony occurs when the outcome of a situation is very different than what was expected.

Directions: In the first discussion board assignment, many of you noted the importance of family as a theme within the novel. Moreover, in chapter 21, Norvel Sanderson records Oly’s admission that, “The Binewskis are big on family”(Dunn 261). Using details from chapters 15-28, explain the irony in that statement. To support your analysis, be sure to use specific examples from pages (187-348 *chapters 15-28*); not doing so will negatively impact the grade for the assignment. The use of direct quotes strengthens one’s analysis. However, there is no minimum or maximum in terms of direct quotes that should be included. Responses should be 1-2 fully developed paragraphs.

Option 2:

When it comes to discussions of disability, some disability rights activists have criticized Geek Lovefor using disability as a metaphor, with the “freakish” bodies of Oly, Arty, Iphy, and Elly standing in for deviance and social weirdness. Alternatively, other disability rights scholars and activists have praised the novel for being a celebration of difference where difference is seen as empowering.

Directions: For this prompt, complete a close reading of 1-2 passages, where you discuss the novel’s portrayal of disability. Note: The passage(s) you choose must come from the last third of the novel (i.e. chapters 15-28; pages 187-348). Failure to choose passage(s) from chapters 15-28 will negatively impact your grade for the assignment. Be sure to include the passage(s) prior to your analysis. Responses should be 1-2 fully developed paragraphs.

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