This discussion board closes Saturday, Nov. 6 at 11:59 PM. You must post your responses by that date/time to earn credit.

Discussion Question/Commentary: 

Post your thesis statement for Formal Essay 2 for peer review. The formal essay itself is due on Sun, Nov. 14. In this exercise, we are looking to gain comments and helpful criticism to develop and refine your essay.

The thesis statement should be a full sentence statement. If you want to preface it with an opening sentence, please do so. However, the thesis statement itself should be ONE SINGLE SENTENCE. Please proofread so that your sentence is error-free and grammatically correct, and to ensure that it is written using MLA-compliant format.

To earn FULL CREDIT, your discussion must consist of a total of at least 200 words (your response AND your response to two (2) classmates, in any combination. Always check your word count. The discussion question is not added toward the total word count.

When commenting, don’t be afraid to ask questions. When responding to your peers, be courteous and professional.

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