The growth and development of information technology has opened up a number of avenues for the industries to invest and grow as well. The internet in essence has become a platform in which a lot of information and data has been shared and used to grow companies and innovative ideas. Practically, information technology has led to the innovation of software and systems that have been used to set up new inventions that have been used to simplify the lives of the people. In essence the developed software has been crafted in a manner that they can be used to ensure that the people using them benefit from the convenience. Practically, there has been a variety of modern software that has been designed to enable people to gain access to services at the convenience of their homes while using their smart gadgets. E-commerce thus has developed in this manner as more people are capable of accessing different consumer services from their smart devices. Mobile applications have continued to increase and creating convenience based on the growing needs of the public and essentially areas that generate more traffic. In this regard, e-commerce has ensured that business services meet the needs of the potential clients even in remote areas.

Location Based Marketing

Location-based marketing in essence is among those modern applications that have been designed in a manner that enables the user based on their location, to get notifications of any job openings and other opportunities. Ideally, the notifications are sent to the mobile device through the messaging service with full details of the opportunities being marketed. The application must however have been granted permission to access your location and to message and send notifications (Palmieri, Calderoni, & Maio, 2014). Based on this, at any time that the user is in a location that a business is subscribed to the application’s services, the user will therefore get details about any available offers and opportunities from the businesses within the location. The marketers thus will have more people who use the application to be aware of the offers hence creating awareness and generating traffic.

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