Review the case, Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company – The Quest for Service Excellence

After reviewing the case, prepare responses to the following questions:

  1. What is Ritz-Carlton’s business strategy, e.g., who are their primary customers
  2. Among consumers, what accounts for Ritz-Carlton’s reputation as a high-quality hotel? How is quality defined by customers?
  3. How is quality defined within Ritz-Carlton? Does the DQPR data in the ritz.xls spreadsheet indicate any significant quality problems?
  4. If you were to select a category of defect to address from the DQPR data, which category would you address first?
  5. For the defect category you selected, consider the process that generates the defects. Construct a p-chart to assess whether or not the process is in control. Identify the day(s) on which some assignable cause of added defects arose.
  6. Using the results of your analysis, as well as other relevant tools of quality and your common-sense knowledge of hotel operations, generate hypotheses about the possible root causes of the defect category that you selected.

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For the exclusive use of H. Attluri, 2021. ID# CU09 PUBLISHED ON AUGUST 13, 2010 The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company The Quest for Service Excellence BY NELSON M. FRAIMAN * , LINDA V. GREEN † , ALIZA HECHING ‡ , AND GARRETT J. VAN RYZIN * * As Pat Mene, Corporate Vice President of Quality, reviewed a summary file containing the most recent data reported in the Dynamic Quality Information System (DQIS) from the Buckhead Ritz-Carlton, he wondered what it was going to take to lead the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company to the next level in service excellence. The Ritz-Carlton was the first hotel company to become a winner of the nation’s premier prize for performance excellence and quality achievement, the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. 1 The 1992 award represented the culmination of the Ritz-Carlton’s efforts since its restructuring in 1983

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