I need help in writing a research paper. all the info is provided I have put in my :

1) formal topic proposal 

2) preliminary topic proposal 


4)outline of research paper 

5) sample of how the paper should look like5 attachmentsSlide 1 of 5

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Memorandum Subject: Lost Baggage in the Aviation Industry. This memorandum serves to present my topic of choice for a research paper for purposes of obtaining feedback. Suggestions and comments from my supervisor and classmates are most welcomed as these will help me refine the proposed topic. I’m particularly keen to investigate current processes and systems in the aviation industry that deal with lost or misplaced luggage and thereafter propose any modifications or improvements if any. From my initial research, the following articles from the U.S Department of transportation, Research Gate, highlights the challenges associated with lost luggage in the aviation industry and how the problem is currently

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