Compose a 3000 words essay on Can Machine Have a Conscience. Needs to be plagiarism free!Maybe the urge is, at times, nothing more than the pressures or influences of past parental or societal training or perhaps it may arise from some form of social instinct buried deep in humans or from the understanding it is in the longstanding concern of the agent. However, in any case, it should be noted humans do act autonomously of some form of desire unlike a machine,which is guided by humans (Pitrat 41). No matter how intelligent machines are, they cannot have human’s thoughts and lifestyles.In the last ten years, AI has really progressed due to an increase in research collaboration that has resulted in inventing computers with high processing speed. A lot of researchers propose that within the current century, the AI will cross that of human beings. Furthermore, individuals such as Hall have great expectation (Tucker and Patrick 54). Some scientists believe robots will carry out more difficult work instead of human’s work in the future. In some specific situations, robots could judge and perform tasks individually out of people’s control. All in all, some scientists predict that robots will become more intelligent to help people.Start by defining what a conscience is and people find it is an inner or deep sense of what wrong or right in one’s behavior, motives or conduct, impelling someone towards the right action. A conscience can also be defined as the ethical, as well as moral principles, which guide or inhibits someone’s thoughts or actions, and which can be argued to be an inhibiting sense of what is prudent.