Recall that this course has the option of you submitting a final project instead of taking the final. You can only complete one of the two, not both.

Assignment Impact

The purpose of this assignment is to give those of you who don’t like taking exams an alternate assignment for you to showcase your understanding of the concepts covered in this course.

Assignment Overview

In this assignment you will be using all of the tools, skills, and knowledge gained throughout this course to research a chemical reaction and create a presentation that highlight and showcases your chemistry knowledge.

Assignment Steps

Note: these steps include an example that cannot be used and that is not as in depth as you will be going but will give you an idea of what you will be doing.


take the time to find a chemical reaction that you want to work with that has an impact either in a field that interests you or benefits society.

example: the Haber process which is used to make ammonia N2 + 3H2 –>NH3. The NH3 made using this reaction is then converted to ammonium nitrate to be used in fertilizers, this reaction was fundamental in agriculture and is one of the reasons that as humans we are capable of mass producing food at the scale in which we currently do. A simple reaction with a massive impact.


This part is the most difficult to explain because the information that you gather will change drastically from reaction to reaction. The goal of this step is to find out why your reaction is important, how your reaction works, how it is applied industrially, and chemistry details of your reaction such as classification, and safety considerations when performing this reaction. Again, the information you will gather will differ depending on the reaction that you choose, and the previous list in not the definitive list. When researching your reaction just remember to be inquisitive and think like a chemist and you should be fine.

example: As mentioned in the previous step the Haber process is essential the agricultural industry. For this reaction there is a lot of information about how it is performed at a large scale. An important feature of this reaction is that it uses a catalyst, which we don’t go into what catalysts are in this class BUT you have sufficient chemistry knowledge to research and understand the purpose and function of a catalyst. Also special care needs to be taken when storing ammonium nitrate since it is explosive, which is what happened in Beirut, Lebanon in 2020 when 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate where detonated.

If you are interested in a topic outside of a reaction, maybe a natural phenomenon, or a chemical process I am more than open to allowing a presentation on this, just make sure that you run it by me first.


If you are a little overwhelmed and a little confused as the what you should include in your presentation that’s ok, you focus on the fact that it should be 10 – 15 minutes long and should flow. How you design your presentation and what you choose to talk about is completely up to you, you have creative freedom in this. You just need to make sure that you are going in depth enough, and that you are showcasing your chemistry knowledge, and you should be doing both of these if you make sure that your presentation is 10 – 15 minutes long.


This step is pretty self-explanatory, you will be presenting your reaction to me and your classmates virtually or in person.

You have to present in order to get any credit on this assignment.

You will be graded more on how you organized and structured your presentation and your ability to convey your knowledge to your peers as opposed to your strength as a public speaker.


The last step is to review your at least one of you peers’ work using the final project peer review sheet (you will be

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