Investment in stocks requires investors to keenly analyze the companies whose stocks they target. In a stock exchange there are many companies listed, and thus, expert consultancy is required to paint a true picture on the right company to invest in. As such, investment consultants consider many companies and propose the only one whose stocks are, and are likely to continue to perform well. The technology industry has attracted many investors because of its upward dynamism. The industry has very competent players like Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, Dell, Sony, and Microsoft. Recent financial reports show that Apple’s stocks constitute a very good portfolio to invest in owing to the stock’s consistent improvement in performance.

Throughout Apple’s 43 year period of existence, the company has a very thrilling financial performance. Apple Company has always wowed the world with its unmatched application of technology in the manufacture of computers, IT services, among other IT products. Though it may not easy to predict the future of the IT industry, at least from the view of products, IT products are easy to understand and compare with similar products from other companies. Forbes (2012) affirmed that when investing in a company’s stocks, there is a need to pay much attention to the simplicity of its products. Apple’s products are simple to use and are unique from all other products in the industry, and hence, taking the center stage in the IT industry. The analysis of Apple Company’s stocks offers a very in-depth view of how the company is financially healthy and, thus, suitable to invest in.

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