I need at least a 150-word comment for my class mate’s discussion
Group Decision-Making Videos
Michael posted 
Hello class,
I found these two videos linked below. The first one is a very well done, professionally made video. It literally goes over everything that was covered in the background material. What I found useful is the information it covered. I thought the video was basically a “cliff note” version of the background material in this module. What I didn’t like about the video, is the fact it is a better produced version of a power point lecture. There was no narration and just cheesy elevator music in the back ground. The information was, however very good.
The second video seemed like something my son would make for one of his high school classes. It looked to be produced on a budget when you have limited computer skills. I did find it very creative, with the cutouts and having to obviously splice the video together. I didn’t feel, however, that much information was passed along in the video. It seemed to wonder or something what an actual teenager conversation would be like. But again definitely an A for effort and creativity.

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