Are you able to complete a 600 word paper that summarizes the contrasting viewpoints of Malcolm X based on his “The Ballot or the Bullet” speech and MLK’s “I Have Been to the Mountaintop” speech?

This paper will be very similar to the one written for the Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. DuBois debate: a brief (600 word minimum) position paper in which you summarize the dispute and state your own position on it.

For the The Malcolm/Martin debate use only the videos below and the materials in the book. All sources must be cited within the paper and listed in a Works Cited in MLA format. Use of other sources will require a rewrite and penalty. (See “Notes on Sources” below for more info.)

NOTE: All papers should contain at least one direct quote from each man discussed. Quotes should be brief—preferably no more than one sentence.

Although you may use the introductory materials and even other speeches by the two men that appear in our textbook, your primary sources should be the two speeches that are also on video: “I Have Been to the Mountaintop” and “The Ballot or the Bullet.” I urge you to read them also, because the full texts are somewhat different from the audio versions. I usually follow along in the book as I listen.

Structure/Content: Begin with a statement of just a few sentences that sums up the essence of the debate between the two men—in other words, what is it that they disagree on? In the next paragraphs, you can describe each man’s views separately, or you can go point by point on topics like integration, economics, etc. In the final paragraph, state your own position on the debate, along with a brief summation of your reasoning.

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