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I need an explanation for this Writing question to help me study.

Please I need help to write and all the instruction is below.

My Majer is MIS (Management information system)

I have this two attachment need to be combined together in order to get a better essay ( these two attachment are not professional ) I need it to be better.

Also, please see below the instruction from the professor for better understanding and what will be the requirement to complete this essay.

Please I don’t have time, only if you think will do an amazing job in a short time ( within 3 hrs ).

Indeed, as the prompt says (which I reiterated during last week’s Lecture), you are researching 2-3 specific courses

in order to clarify some illustrative curriculum, to get into some interesting discussions with discipline-specific knowledge and language,
that help the reader understand some of the depth of your studies, some of the interesting topics/arguments/assignments, etc.

The selling points here are A) the fascinating and smart material/work going-on in your major (and perhaps in the real world) and
B) your ethos of authority and enthusiasm for this kind of knowledge, problem solving, etc. You know what you’re talking about.
If you feel a little out of your depth at all, this is where research comes in. Integrate some of your sources into the paper/letter.

The other part of the prompt is to research and focus on 2-3 professors. An interesting introduction and discussion about some specific “leaders”
of your department will give tremendous insight about the department and the work being done in the field. Look at their CVs,
their Bios, etc. One student asked about LinkedIn. Sure. Good idea. Just make sure you source your evidence, whether that’s
the faculty bio on the department website, or LinkedIn, or some other website. You may know some of this stuff from interacting
with these faculty members, these professors. Do your best. I will talk more about this on Wednesday.

Again, with both the course work and the professors, find specific examples of the work, allowing you to discuss, in detail, some of the interesting
and academic quality work that you all are doing in this major/discipline/field.

~3 pages of notes for all of this research, but feel free to exceed that. This is important research/evidence for this letter.
I need to continue to stress that. The notes can be double-spaced.

Remember to include in this 2/22 Journal the short work-in-progress Works Cited (links, names of some of your sources — a short list).
This is in addition to the ~3 pages. This is all on the prompt.

2/22 Journal must include a focus on this research and documentation:

  • Focus your research this week on 2-3 specific courses that will establish some interest and sophistication; give your audience examples of the kind of work one does at this university in this department, as well as give your audience a taste of the current issues and debates in your field.
  • In addition, focus your research this week on 2-3 professors, their backgrounds, their current studies, etc., in order to provide more insight into the work one can do in this field, as well as build the faculty’s and department’s credibility.
  1. Organize these notes (described above) with relevant and specific details of your curriculum that reflect the focus of this letter; same with your notes on the faculty. 3 pages of notes TOTAL. I just want to see your work, your effort to identify some good examples that evidence the coursework and the leadership/faculty of your major.
  2. Include a list of sources you are using (this is early in the research process, but just a good way to keep track of the places you’re looking. You can call this is a Works Cited or Works Consulted page in progress. These are just notes for this Journal at this point. You’re sharing with me your notes on this early but important research (can be just a shortlist of sources)

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