• McDonalds is among the largest restaurant chains in the world.  
  • Watch the following Nightly Business Report (NBR 2014-16) stories on McDonalds:




  • What are the some of the strategies used by McDonalds to turn around their slipping sales?
  • Who drove the turnaround?


  • Describe and define centralized and decentralized decision-making.  
  • Provide advantages and disadvantages for both.


  • Describe how policies and procedures can facilitate strategy execution.  
  • Provide examples.


  • Describe and define business process reengineering and continuous improvement programs.  
  • How are they different?


  • Identify the most memorable concepts or theories that you learned in this class. 
  • How might you apply them where you are currently employed? 

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Ba 460 replies wk 6 Question 1 1.meghan- McDonald’s had a few different strategies in turning around their sales slumps in the videos. They focused on a key market as one (earning Asian customers’ trust back after a food safety issue), and also focused on changing things such as a simpler menu, ordering online and through their mobile applications, and store remodels. Quality upgrades is another strategy that they focused on by no longer using chickens that were given antibiotics. Preservative free chicken nuggets, promotions on things like Happy Meals and their toys, and the all day breakfast menu helped them to find growth in their restaurant recession as well. The turnaround was driven by executives for McDonald’s and a new CEO as well. I think these strategies all seemed to work pretty well for McDonald’s in their

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