Paper instructions

. Open both Project and Excel. Copy only the Task list from excel into the Tasks section of Project. Now you are ready to work w/ project

2. Insert a WBS column in the left most column of project

3. Ensure all the Activities (bold highlighted) and their respective children are properly aligned (see the class recordings for the proper WBS alignment – numbering)

4. Input the durations for each task ( NOTE: DO NOT INPUT ANY DURATIONS, START/FINISH DATES OR RESOURCES) into any Activity cells. Those will be automatically inherited from their children tasks

5. Assign Resources – You are limited to 4 resources. Frank, Heather, Bob and Jenn. Again ensure resources are assigned to tasks NOT the parent Activities

6. Use only the resources that become “earliest” available” for the next assignment (task)

7. Ensure you have no “little red person” in the left most column – this means you have used a resource that is already busy on a prior task.

8. Ensure you have no red squiggly lines on any of the dates – that means you used an improper date (duration is too long, too short, or improperly started or finished). To fix – Click on the row that has the error, then from the ribbon select “Auto Schedule”

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