Chapter 11 discusses Decision Making, Communication and Balance.  As a restaurant manager, you have to be able to communicate effectively with all your employees, which can sometimes be a balancing act.  Managers will always have to deal with trying to reduce the barriers to communication.  There are many different issues that could interfere with effective communication.

Just how good are your communication skills?  Take the quiz found at and think about your results.  Imagine yourself in the position of restaurant manager, where you will be communicating not only with your employees but also your guests in different situations.

What do the results of the quiz tell you?  Did anything surprise you?  Is there anything you need to improve on? 

Construct an essay (this can be written in first person perspective) to discuss your results and how you will use your communication skills as a manager to help with decision making in your restaurant.  Include issues that restaurant managers currently face (could be related to employees or guests) and explain how they can help reduce the barriers to communication and lead to effective decision making and positive organizational culture.

Submission Instructions: Your submission should be a minimum of 500 words, using APA format, including a title page and a correctly formatted reference page, with a minimum of three resources. Do not include an abstract.

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