paper instructions

Assignment Instructions

Follow instructions carefully.  Otherwise your grade will be affected

You can discuss the questions with colleagues. But you are not allowed to share your work.

Alike assignments will earn a grade of 0 first time.

Alike assignments will lead to an F in the course second time.

Previous semester assignments will earn a grade of 0 first time.

Previous semester assignments will lead to an F in the course second time.

Sources and Plagiarism

Cite your sources (i.e., websites, books, magazines, etc.)

Answers without sources will not earn grade.

Plagiarism:  To use the same words as your source.

                Plagiarism leads to a 0 in the assignment. No matter if it is only a sentence.

Be organized and professional.

Consistent formatting is expected (Line spacing, margins, fonts, numbering, etc.)

Poorly presented assignments will lose up to 20% because of presentation.

Answers without proper support will not earn any grade.

                Include calculations when necessary.

                Refer to appendixes when explaining your answer.

Question/answer examples

Example 1: How many Daejo leaders are located in the state of Texas?

Unacceptable answer:  9.

Acceptable answer: Currently there are 9 dealers in the state of Texas.

Note: Answers need to be presented in a professional and nice fashion.

Example 2: One of the best sellers at a paint store is an Iron-coat paint. The annual demand is forecasted as 10,000 gallons.  The carrying cost is $0.75 per gallon. The ordering cost is $150 per order. How much paint should be ordered each time?

Unacceptable answer:  2000.

Acceptable answer: The paint store should order 2,000 gallons each time. Calculations below show how the answer was obtained:

Note: Answer is professionally presented. Calculation details are shown using Microsoft equation editor.

Assignment 4

Answer all questions. Show all your work to earn credit.

  1. [20 points] Assume that you were selected for a summer internship in Belize. You are unprepared and you need to get everything prepared by May 15th (and do not have a passport yet!).
    1. List the activities you need to do to get prepared for the internship. How much time do you need for each activity?
    1. Select one activity. Create a list of tasks for this activity. (e.g. Activity: Getting a passport; Tasks: all the steps that is required to get a passport).
    1. Create a project network for the activities indicating the precedence relationships.
  • [20 points] A project for upgrading a point-of-sale system at a local business has following precedence relationships and activity times. The tasks, durations (in days), costs, and predecessor relationships are shown as follows:
ActivityImmediate PredecessorActivity Time
DB, C13
HF, G8
  1. Draw the network for this project.
    1. Calculate the slack for each activity. What are the critical path activities?        
    1. What is the project completion time?
  • [20 points] A landscaping upgrade project consists of following activities. Times are given in weeks.
ActivityImmediate PredecessorActivity Time
EB, D, C8
  1. Draw the network diagram and find the ES, EF, LS, LF, and slack for each activity.
  2. Construct an early-start-date Gantt chart for the project.
  3. As a project manager, where would you focus your attention, given your analysis?
  4. Environment Recycling, Inc. must clean up a large automobile tire dump under a state environmental cleanup contract. Some of the activities can be crashed. The tasks, durations (in days), costs, predecessor relationships, the crash times, and costs associated with performing the activities at their original (normal) times and for the crash times are shown as follows:
ActivityImmediate PredecessorNormal Time (days)Normal Cost ($)Crash TimeCrash Cost ($)
CA, B36002900
EC, D690041,200
  1. Find the total project completion time. (Show all work including finding the critical path).  
  2. Find the lowest cost solution if the state wants to complete the project two weeks early. State which activities need to be crashed and calculate the crashing cost for the total project.
  • A competitor of Kozar International, Inc. has begun marketing a new instant developing

film project. Kozar has had a similar product under study in its R&D department but has not yet been able to begin production. Because of the competitor’s action, top managers have asked for a speedup of R&D activities so that Kozar can produce and market instant film at the earliest possible date. The predecessor information and activity time estimates in months are shown in the next column.

ActivityImmediate PredecessorOptimistic Time (weeks)Most Probable TimePessimistic Time
DB, C55.59
FC, D, E135
  1. Draw the project network.
    1. Develop an activity schedule for this project using early and late start and finish times, compute activity slack time, and define the critical activities.
    1. What is the probability of finishing the project in 30 weeks?
    1. What is the probability of finishing the project in 35 weeks?

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