ENM411 Market leader –Upper-Intermediate 1 UNIT 1-7 Listening |SPRING2010 |SUM2011 |FALL2011 |SPRING2012 | | | Midterm: Builder Higher Test 2, Part 1, Part 2 Cambridge BEC Higher 1- Test 1, Part 1 Cambridge BEC Vantage 2, Test 1, Part 3 Cambridge BEC Higher 1- Test 2, Part 1 Cambridge BEC Vantage 2, Test 4, Part 3 Cambridge BEC Higher 4, Test 3, Part 1 Cambridge BEC Vantage 4, Test 3, Part 3 Final Exam Cam Higher 3-Test 3, Part 1 Builder Higher Test 2, Part 3 Cambridge BEC Higher 2, Test 1, Part 1 Cambridge BEC Vantage 2, test 2, Part 3
Cambridge BEC Higher 1- Test 3, Part 1 Vantage Builder, Test 2, Part 3 Cambridge BEC Higher 2, Test 3, Part 1 Cambridge Pass Vantage Self-study, Test 1, Part 3 Resit Pass Vantage self study- Test 2, Part 1, Part 3 Cambridge BEC Higher 2, Test 2, Part 1 Cambridge BEC Vantage 2, Test 3, Part 3 Cambridge BEC Higher 1- Test 4, Part 1 Pass Vantage self-study, Test 1, Part 3 Cambridge Builder Higher, Test 1, Part 1 Cambridge BEC Vantage 4, Test 4, Part 3 WRTITING Midterm: Your Managing Director is considering how to improve the company’s internal communications, Write a proposal for the Managing Director:
Final: Midterm: An international fund is offering grants to small businesses to improve their facilities. Write a letter FE: Your company is considering appointing someone as your assistant,Write a report for your manager, describing: Resit: The graph below shows the profit and loss made on three new products (A, B and C) in the year following their introduction to the market. Using the information from the graph, write a short report READING Midterm Pass Cambridge BEC Higher Selfstudy p. 33 Cambridge BEC Vantage 2, Test 3 Part 2, p. 60 Cambridge BEC Higher 1, Test 1 Part 3, p. 22. Control Key and Word – Text and Graphics.

Cambridge BEC Vantage 3, Test 1 Part 4 Cambridge BEC Higher 2, Test 1 Part 1 Cambridge BEC Vantage 2, Test 2 Part 3, Cambridge BEC Vantage 4, Test 1 Part 4 Cambridge BEC Higher 1, Test 2, Part 1 Vantage Self study, Test 2, Part 3 Cambridge BEC Higher 1, Test 3, Part 1 Cambridge BEC Vantage 1, test 2, part 4 Final BEC Vantage Masterclass Unit 4, Workbook p. 10 Cambridge BEC Higher 2, Test 1, part 2, p. 20 Cambridge BEC Vantage 2, Test 4 Part 3, p. 82 Cambridge BEC Vantage 4, Test 4 Part 4 Cambridge BEC Higher 1, Test 1 Part 1 Cambridge BEC Vantage 2, Test 1 Part 3, Cambridge BEC Vantage 2, Test 2, Part 4
Cambridge BEC Higher 2, Test 3, Part 1 Pass BEC Vantage Self-study, Test 2, Part 3 Cambridge BEC Higher 4, Test 3, Part 1 Cambridge BEC Vantage 4, Test 2, Part 4 Resit Cambridge BEC Vantage Self-study, Test 1, Part 4, P. 24 Cambridge BEC Vantage 2, test 1 part 2, p. 20 Cambridge BEC higher 2, test 2, part 3 p. 30 Cambridge BEC Vantage Self Study, Test 4 Part 4 Cambridge BEC Higher 4, Test 4, Part 1 Cambridge BEC Vantage 3, Test 1 Part 3 Cambridge BEC Vantage Self study, Test 3, Part 4 Cambridge BEC Higher 4, Test 3, Part 1 Vantage Self study, Test 3, Part 3 (used) Builder Higher , Test 1, part 1
Pass BEC Vantage Self study, Test 2, part 4 Grammar and Vocabulary Progress Test 1 + Midterm block 1 + Final Exam + Resit MC Unit 1 This invention reduced production time by a…… of months, and Freudenberg consequently became one of the biggest tanneries in Europe. issue problem trouble matter Installing an automated system means data is now…… only once but can be access by anyone in the company. penetrated entered put placed I have received numerous complaints that Meetup is…… people with unwanted emails. bombarding falling pouring flowing When …… , effective communicators are good at giving information. peak speaking spoken to speak The manager recommends …… email only three times a day, allocating a set period of time to deal with it. checking to check check checked If you say something under your ……, you whisper or say it very quietly. mouth ears tongue breath It is easy to …… the difference between the banknotes used in the country. say speak tell talk Good communicators do not ramble and lose …… of the main message. meaning light sense sight A …… person always keeps his or her attention fixed on what he or she wants to achieve. uninhibited focused eloquent succinct
When somebody is dismissed from the job, we can say that they have…… got the boot got the shoe got the sandal got the slipper He was unable to express his disagreement although he is generally ……. amicable assertive accessible agreeable Identifying the subgroups within an organization and making sure each group feels valued and respected can do …… more to encourage the sharing of information. further far many lot Good communicators make their …… clearly and avoid technical terms, abbreviation or jargons. points means thought perceptions Not all politicians are eloquent. Some of them even use an…… autocue notepad sticker auto note
Installing an automated system means data is now …… only once but can be accessed by anyone in the company, wherever they are. paced registered admitted entered 1. Good communicators maintain eye contact and have a relaxed body language when speaking; they really take in what people say. in on at up 2. The speakers went on and on and did not get to the point. I had no idea of what they were rambling about. Rambling digressing interrupting engaging 3. Good communicators sometimes digress and leave the main point to add information and details. However, they will not ramble and lose sight of the main message. Confuse digress explain larify 4. It’s useful to allocate a set period of time to process your inbox, rather than checking it sporadically throughout the day. Allocate indicate deliver distribute 5. The company’s advertising emphasizes that it provides a personal health service tailored to the individual needs. Met tailored satisfied fixed 6. A brave new world is a world in which society has been transformed by technology and science. Brave progressive modern courageous 7. It is easy to tell the difference between the banknotes in the US and the UK. Say tell speak ask 8. He would like to know whether he stands a chance of getting promoted or not.
Hang on a second. I am afraid that we are duplicating work because I also asked my department to do this. Copying duplicating wasting imitating 9. Breakdown in communication can bring the world to a halt today. Stop halt cancel interruption 10. If something is in the air, you feel that it is happening or about to happen. air sky hand atmosphere 11. The…….. articulate people express thoughts and feelings easily and clearly so that almost everyone can understand. Responsive eloquent persuasive articulate 12. He seems so uninhibited here. He behaves and speaks freely and does not care what other people may think. Incoherent rticulate uninhibited inarticulate 13. By creating a relaxed atmosphere, good presenters can easily establish rapport for the audience. And a good rapport, as many presenters will tell you, is half the battle. Set up form establish find 14. The collapse of the company will have repercussions for the whole industry Percussions discussion recession repercussions Extra Disruptive technology is a new technology, such as computers and Internet, which has rapid and major effect on technologies that existed before. The tariff for something is a list of prices, especially ones which vary according to the time or day of use.
When somebody is dismissed from the job, we can say that they have Got the boot Got the shoe Got the sandal Got the slipper A lazy employee who only pretends to work is said to be Swinging the lead Fillblank 1. If something is in the a(ir/air), you feel that it is happening or about to happen. 2. Information o(verload/overload) means that decisions about what to read amongst thousands of potential books and articles is a highly problematic task. 3. I can’t make head or t(ail/tail) of that badly written report. 4. If you give somebody a low-d(own/down) you tell them all the information they need to know. . If you a(ir/air) your views, you express your opinions about something in public. 6. Despite his great s(ense/sense) of humor, he often find it difficult to respond to his audience. 7. “R(edundancy/redundancy)” is the situation when someone loses their job because their employer does not need them. 8. Good presenters establish good r(apport/rapport) with the audience. 9. A(rticulation/articulation) is the formation of clear and distinct sounds in speech. 10. An open p(lan/plan) office is the one which has few or no walls inside, so it is not divided into smaller rooms. 11.
A l(ine/line) manager is a person with direct managerial responsibility for a particular employee. 12. Internal communication can be one of the hardest nuts to c(rack/crack) in business. I am not sure whether or not I s(tand/stand) a chance of being promoted soon. As he couldn’t attend the meeting, she is giving a summary of the main point to put him in the p(icture/picture). If you are at a l(oss/loss) for words, you are unable to say anything because something surprising or totally unexpected has happened. If someone drops a h(int/hint), he or she makes a suggestion in an indirect way. Unit 2
In the short term, firms may experience increased risk and decreasing profits when….. going international. Going Traveling Cruising Arriving The main target of the anti-globalization movement is corporate power, not capitalism, but these perspectives do not necessarily exclude one another. progress Movement Arrival Motion Because of the budget…. , this year’s focus has been to add value to increase sales without impacting gross profit margin. lack emptiness constraints complications We …… out promotional activities for various companies in the internet through classified websites. bring take make carry
People in Chile prefer instant coffee …… freshly brewed. to with for about Even the most …… differences in consumer profile of a Columbian and a Venezuelan will not have been lost in Starbucks. illusive catchy gentle subtle In order to …… competitive advantage, companies will try to make their products and services stand out from their competitors’. insure secure sure certain Marketers need to be aware of the buying behavior of ……and potential customers. present existing conventional current US-style coffee houses have been …… up in the upmarket districts of the country. appearing springing coming oing Anyone who knows the Starbucks story can already visualize potential outlets in the most fashionable …… of the region’s capital cities. neighborhoods neighbors fields factors The …… aim of advertising is to persuade consumers to choose a specific product or service. efficient extreme ultimate decisive Brand also presents some intangible aspects of a product since it is how the product or often even the whole company’s …… by its customers. perceived received believed relieved Brand is the …… of ideas, feelings, and perceptions about lifestyle and status, image and quality. versus nexus lexis focus
Numerous shopping malls offer customer free parking, and all the major retail brands can be purchased under one ……. roof house tower citadel Coca Cola has …… its soft drinks to every market. economized altered customized separated Consumer tastes vary enormously from one country to ……. another the other ohers other Their mailing list contains plenty of information and data so that they won’t have any difficulty …… the most appropriate recipients for the mailshots. to identify identify identifying identified The most important decisions for international marketing are probably……product standardization and variety reduction. hat of what which of those of In international marketing, it is necessary to meet individual national requirements, particularly where ……goods are concerned. consumer consumption consuming consumed 15. The 2008 market is a declining market with businesses closing down, employees losing their jobs and a challenging stock market. Reducing declining falling failing 16. This technique is applicable to a wide variety of crops, but some modifications may be necessary to accommodate the… peculiarities of each type. Forms specialties peculiarities specifications 17.
Irony… is a situation in which something which was intended to have a particular result has the opposite or a very different result. Subtleness irony peculiarity homogeneity 18. Some analysts say Starbucks was forced to globalize because it had saturated its home market. Balanced equaled saturated justified 19. The extremely …volatile exchange rate has contributed to considerable uncertainty in ? nancial markets. Impressive volatile confidential expanding 20. Expanding …. operations overseas poses challenges, including finding business partners, protecting intellectual property and complying with different local laws. Businesses Operations ork enterprises 21. For long-term sustainability of the industry, it is important to diversify the product …range and move towards products that are less resource intensive and fulfil market requirements. Types range forms mediums 22. Mission …statement is a short written description of the aims of a business, charity, government department or public organization. purpose mission target aim 23. If you want to compete you must play to your own strengths. play work base contribute 24. In many countries today, global brand owners command the super-premium… end of the market in any given product category, while local brands command the rest.
Side end type sort 25. Global brand owners poured into the newly opened markets and, facing little competition in countries unaccustomed to consumer culture, they thought they would clean up. With about to for 26. As people become better off, they want more choices, not fewer. On with about off In order FillBlank 1. R(ed/red) t(ape/tape) and other examples of government bureaucracy hinder a company’s entry into a market. 2. Consumers’ buying habits can be described as their p(urchasing/purchasing) behavior. 3. A w(holesaler/wholesaler) sells goods to the retailers, usually in large quantities. 4.
If goods in a shop are on s(pecial/special) offer, they are being sold at a lower price than usual. 5. If a market s(aturates/saturates), it provides too much of a product so that there is more of this product available than there are people who want to buy it. 6. N(ovelty/novelty) is something which has not been experienced before and so is interesting. 7. If a culture is h(omogeneous/homogeneous), it consists people which are similar to each other or are of the same type. 8. A m(ission/mission) s(tatement/statement) is a formal summary of the aims and values of a company, organization, or individual. 9.
M(arketing mix/marketing mix) is a combination of factors that can be controlled by a company to influence consumers to purchase its products. 10. M(ailshot/mailshot) is the posting of advertising or similar material to a lot of people at one time. Marketers sometimes focus on particular segments of a given overall market. This process is known as ‘t(arget/target) marketing’ T(angible/tangible) assets are real, physical assets owned by a firm or individual that can be seen or touched. Unit 3 The excellent relations the company enjoys with the local community are a …… to its highly effective PR Department. credit gift alent genius As a result of the government’s …… of currency controls, its close relations with several major foreign investors have been jeopardized. proposition imposition compensation concession While some of Toyota’s Japanese plants have …… production for certain models, over 16 plants are still closed. assumed consumed undermined resumed Retailers need to …… and build a relationship with the customer across a range of channels including the internet. inquire require acquire secure There’s a lot we can do to keep our customers and learn more about them. But we need to be creative and come …… with good ideas. p on about for I hope you don’t mind me ……. to phone phoning phone phoned I hope that you might be able to advise me …… franchising contracts. for with about on Relations between them are rather ……. They don’t seem to like or trust each other. smooth straightened amiable strained IAG has an unrivalled scale of operations and a …… of political and business connections. property wealth vast sum China is probably the insurance market with the biggest …… potential in the world . untapped unheard unknown untouched Today, turning its pioneering presence into a ……success is AIG’s biggest challenge. ntrepreneurial commercial enterprising economical The report ……two key elements of a successful strategy. pinpoints guides invents orients In China, extravagant entertainment are part of business ……. doing practice action act The ……customer of the 21st century does not have time on his or her hands. relentless disordered preoccupied restless Many major retailers failed to adjust to the …… towards internet buying. orientation move direction walk Unit 3 27. After …. cementing good contacts, he went in and completely.. undermined all our hard work. Breaking/soured maintaining/established romoting/ built cementing/undermined 28. Widespread rumours of a hostile take-over bid are certain to .. strain relations between two leading French software companies. drain strain stress pain 29. The restless customer of the 21 century does not have time on his or her hands and there are million other providers, all ready and eager to sell to that customer. Restful Restless resting rested. 30. If something is transparent, it is very clear and easy to understand. Transferable transparent transmissible transactional 31. If someone is explicit, he or she says things clearly, exactly and openly. xplicit implicit requisite honest 32. An intermediary is someone who carries messages between people who are unwilling or unable to meet. Immediacy intermediary intermediatory intermediation 33. I think we’ll have to terminate his contract because he doesn’t fit in with the other people in the office. Extend renew terminate sign 34. If a bank or other organization underwrites an activity, it gives it financial support and takes responsibility for paying any costs if it fails. Underwrites makes certain guarantees secures 35. Capitalization is the total value of a company’s shares on a stock exchange.
Market price capital capitalization market share 36. China was considered to be the insurance market with the biggest untapped potential in the world Untouched untapped unused undone 37. To lobby means to attempt to convince public officials to favor a certain cause or take a certain action. Persuade tempt induce lobby 38. In terms of investing in emerging markets, AIG has an edge over other insurers. edge advance experience activeness 39. With roots dating back more than half a century, AIG has an unrivalled scale of operations and a .. wealth of political and business connections. richness ealth vast various 40. Her outstanding performances set a new… benchmark for singers throughout the world. record remark benchmark line Gapfilling 1. To a(ffiliate/affiliate) means to cause a group to become part of or form a close relationship with another, usually larger, group or organization. 2. Our agent let us down, we though we could c(ount/count) on him to boost sales but he had no commitment, no motivation. 3. They may be our competitor, but we want to stay on good t(erms/terms) with them. 4. They didn’t h(it/hit) it off at first, but little by little the came to be friends. . You should be able not only to relate to your employees, but also to h(old/hold) on to them. 6. We are definitely going to create a new post, so I suggest we should s(ound/sound) out a few people about it. 7. We continue to be one of the world’s leading business-to-business supplier of office products and services, and our m(otto/motto) continues to be “Our job is to make your job easier”. 8. We’d like to d(raw/draw) your attention to our special offers for regular customers like you. Customers will tolerate a little delay, but they are unlikely to p(ut/put) up with rudeness.
They get on really well with each other, so it came as a surprise when they f(ell/fell) out over such a trivial incident. He’s going to be t(ied/tied) up in the meeting till noon, so please come and see him in the afternoon. Unit 4 1. The company will …… shares to indicate who owns the company, and in what proportion. print issue publish release 2. Billionaire financier George Soros stands to make ….. profits with his newly launched investment fund. beautiful handsome pretty hunky 3. If you …… something, you to control it, usually in order to use its power. tackle harness integrate
Their hard work and investment is beginning to…… fruit. manufacture produce bear bring Several staff underperformed last year and didn’t ……their targets. see meet talk please Whether or not to deregulate health care is a ….. issue. separate divisive gapping splitting When some key employees disappeared, the boss said that they’d left to …… other opportunities. gain pursue purchase ensure We are looking for ways of …… our rivals. No one will be cheaper than us. underselling below selling above selling overselling In the late 1990s, many countries …… a sharp economic downturn. looked viewed witnessed glanced
Staff who never get any praise for their achievements may …… up underrating their own abilities. finish terminate complete end What we are looking for …… a candidate who can get results and work well under pressure. are is being be 6. Of course I can see now that Brian is an …… to our company, and I’m sorry I so badly misjudged him when he started working for us. asset access assessment acceptance 7. We’ll cut our expenses and downsize our …… in order to become more competitive on the market. practices actions operations work 8. After some teething troubles, they now have a …… business with a huge turnover. declining thriving riving diving It’s been a lot of hard work, but she seems to be really making a …… of her business. walk go step come The new product ……filled the gap of the market and ……took off as soon as it was launched. filled/took filled/set covered/took covered/set If an industry, company, activity etc is in the ……, it is not doing well or developing. depress deadness doldrums docks The Mobil logo is an instantly …… logo across the planet. recognized aware conscious sensed While it’s difficult for the average investor to buy shares in Facebook right now, there are rumors that the company will go …… in 2012. stock general widespread ublic 41. The advent of LCD watch technology in 1970s created a vast opportunity for the company. Arriving Adventure advent going 42. Gimmick is something which is not serious or of real value that is used to attract people’s attention or interest temporarily, especially to make them buy something. Slogan gimmick mimic gadget 43. We have also seen the downfall of some companies which over-expanded during the last boom. Downmove downwards downfall falldown 44. As the retail market became saturated, they had to think up a short-term strategy and develop some long-term planning. Out up on of 45. Today’s consumers are very price.. onscious, but aggressive price promotions undermine the perceived value of our brand Aware knowing informed conscious Gapfilling 1. “N(epotism/nepotism)” means using your power or influence to get good jobs or unfair advantages for members of your own family. 2. If someone is r(uthless/ruthless), they have or show no pity or compassion for others. 3. P(rototype/prototype) is the first example of something, such as a machine or other industrial product, from which all later forms are developed. ’ 4. A t(riumph/triumph) is a very great success, achievement or victory or a feeling of great satisfaction or pleasure caused by this. . The company has loyal customer b(ase/base) because it meets the expectation of customer by always delivering the goods at lower prices. 6. The company made a profit for the first time since going p(ublic/public). 10. A “g(immick/gimmick)” is something which is not serious or of real value that is used to attract people’s attention or interest temporarily, especially to make them buy something. 11. We don’t want our customers to think we were r(ipping/ripping) them off if we charged them a higher price. Nobody thought we’d clinch the deal, but we came up t(rumps/trumps) in the end.
A “high f(lier/flyer/flier/lyer” is someone who has a lot of ability and a strong desire to be successful and is therefore expected to achieve a lot. 7. Since the emergence of high-speed Internet, the music industry has complained that it is being brought to its knees by the p(irates/pirate/pirates/irate) of downloading. 8. A “f(law/flaw)” is a fault, mistake or weakness, especially one that happens while something is being planned or made, or which causes something not to be perfect. 9. If someone is f(ussy/fussy), they not easily satisfied and have very high standards about particular things.
If a company is going p(laces/places), it is on the way to success. We had been always ahead of our rivals until 2003 when they o(utstripped/outstripped) us for the first time. Unit 5 16. We use …… strategies to reach audiences across all channels, from digital to mobile to word of mouth. integrated consolidated united blended 17. In the interview with Bloomberg Opedal says that Orkla is willing to sell assets to ……the expansion in Asia. supply finance pay off provide 18. Unemployment in the booming economies of Australia and New Zealand is at ……lows. most least record highest 1. The company is …… ways to keep the best salespeople. making oing watching devising 2. A liberal education helps students develop a …… of social responsibility. sense feeling perception sensation Because technology companies face the …… labor markets, they have been the most aggressive in devising ways to keep workers. smallest narrowest tightest tiniest Managers can ……educational and special training leave for staff and encourage them to attend training programmes and conferences. decide avoid add advocate Don’t throw money at the workers who want to leave because pay …… don’t always work. rises raises lifts elevations 6. The company want to hire people that are totally …… with their values. ined dealing accompanied aligned 7. As a boss, you need to make employees feel …… they’re not interested in looking elsewhere, because they’re very happy with their life. as though though if whether 8. Building up employee loyalty is important with unemployment at a …… low. extreme most total record 9. The new CEO …… the bureaucratic corporate culture to profit-minded entrepreneurship. formed transferred transformed translated 10. The growing number of close relationships between staff has very bad effect on both performance and ……. morale moral motive motion He has a ……of accomplishment when a demanding task is carried out successfully. eel sense thinking perception The company should have …… of an individual’s or group’s efforts or contributions. acknowledgement knowledge realization admission 46. If an employee is so overloaded that there is not time to keep organized this can increase the stress that leads to burnout. Over-burn burn-off burnout burn down 47. Generous remuneration packages are often attached to overseas postings. numeration remuneration pay benefit. 48. Wholly foreign owned enterprises enjoy exclusive management control of their own business activities and have …autonomy in their operation and management with less interference from the government.
Appraisal autonomy bureaucracy assessment 49. In a performance …appraisal, an employee discusses with their manager how well they have been doing their job, their progress, aims and needs at work. Bureaucracy commission appraisal incentive 50. Staff retention is one of the key factors required to keep your service quality constantly at high level. Retention maintenance retention intervention 51. Already providing top quality services, the company goes a step further by exceeding customers’ expectations at all times. More forwards upwards further 52. Labor crunch is a situation in which there are not enough workers.
Redundancy restriction crunch intension 53. The company’s parental leave policies are very generous in allowing time off and reentry into employment. Leave off rest vacation 54. We revamped all the management system, but the business is doing no better than it was before. Redid revamped retained regenerated 55. Morale…. is the amount of confidence felt by a person or group of people, especially when in a dangerous or difficult situation. Morale spirit mood status 56. A parent must be careful not to show favoritism towards any one of their children. Favorite favorability favoring favoritism 7. Could I have a quick word with you? saying sentence word talk 58. Actuaries…. are people who calculate insurance risks and premiums according to statistical probabilities. Insurers calculators statisticians actuaries 59. If something is… negligible, it is of very little importance or size and not worth considering. remote negligible slight faint 60. They have to take decisive action to prevent these losses from escalating. Take make create do 61. By focusing on customers and their expectations, he helps companies develop integrated strategies to achieve long-range performance goals.
Integrated connected interrogated interrelated 62. She resumed her career after an interval of six years. Retook resumed redid remade 63. While acts of terrorism receive the most coverage, it’s the more traditional events such as fires, floods, explosions, power failures or natural disasters that have the biggest impact. Cover coverage newspapers social networks 64. Whether the quality of customers’ experiences is poor or excellent, all companies have room for improvement. Place vacancy room emptiness 65. When staff turnover is high, a manager needs to understand why people are leaving and work on correcting it.
Turndown turnoff turnover turning 66. In urban areas all the major operators in the last few years have been focusing on corporate clients to boost their revenues. Boot boost shoot host 67. About five years a go, the company began to lose sales and market share, and in the last two years, it has made a loss. made done caused taken 68. Individual business units must own and manage their own risks within the framework of an overall risk management policy. framework structure infrastructure organization 69. I am going to suggest we carry out a study of the market, and take it from there. carrying carry arried to carry 70. If a company is in a precarious situation, it’s in a dangerous state and there’s a risk that it may go out of business. cautious precautious precarious embarrassing Gapfilling 1 I am up to my e(yes/eyes) at the moment. Would you be able to give me a hand with these progress report for tomorrow’s meeting. 2 R(aw/raw) material is the basic material from which a product is made. 3 R(etention/retention) is the continued use, existence or possession of something or someone. 4 P(erk/perk) is an advantage or extra thing, such as money or goods, which you are given because of your job. Common s(ense/sense) is the basic level of practical knowledge and judgment that we all need to help us live in a reasonable and safe way. 10. People talk much about need for work that gives them quality of life, the work-life b(alance/balance) and the avoidance of stress. A judicious system of p(erks/perks), such as housing allowances or extra holidays should be devised. When the staff feel responsible and accountable for their own work, and when they are somehow involved in the decision-making p(rocess/process), their job satisfaction increases. 6 To d(evise/devise) means to invent a plan, system, object, etc. usually cleverly or using imagination. 7 “D(esperation/desperation)” is the feeling that you have when you are in such a bad situation that you are willing to take risks in order to change it. Everyone needs to continue to develop personally and p(rofessionally/professionally) on the job. A “s(tatus quo/status quo)” is the situation as it is now, or as it was before a recent change. 8. A s(hareh

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